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  1. freebomb's are always welcome
  2. Ok ian its the dbacks.. dont let them do this to you.
  3. duvalls 38th homer right there
  4. oh **** thought they'd get more. mccutchen pops out to end inning still 4-2
  5. well.. philly looks to be running away with this one. 4-2 and they got 2 on still.
  6. aw inning over 7 runs wasnt enough def needed another 7 decent inning tho
  7. freddie does it again! 9-3 braves
  8. snits the best decision maker in the league. /s
  9. dansby somehow got on base atleast
  10. dansby this is THE team you use to get out of that slump
  11. duvall joins in on the scoring! 7-3 braves
  12. riley joins in on the scoring of the inning!
  13. then take the lead there braves thats what you do to horrible teams. now run up that score
  14. seems they heard me say that and tie it up
  15. orioles beat the phillies and braves are losing to a pretty dam bad dbacks team.
  16. phew phillies had 2 on in bottom of 7th but got nothing onto the 8th, balt still up 2-0
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