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  1. 3rd and 9.. with a run get rid of this OC
  2. ffs man.. who's the str and conditioning coach? fire him.. everyone getting hurt
  3. offense still trash welp no playoffs this year
  4. thats a team from GA for ya. miraculous BS always happens against us
  5. typical GA based team play today
  6. looking like georgia based team sports so far. sigh
  7. LOL defense back to trash
  8. oh yea he does, it's just they used to do the play all the time
  9. get this 1st and win it.
  10. chub and sony used to kill it with those. yet they hardly do it now.. i don't get it
  11. SWIFT!
  12. defense does it again.. offense COME ON AND WIN IT
  13. yep defense is done game over
  14. and they take lead next drive
  15. thats just gotdam sad man fing 4th qtr defense
  16. ffs 4th quarter defense man
  17. prevent to win defense is here every 4th quarter with a lead
  18. can we draft blankenship?
  19. georgia sports and their coaches sigh
  20. yeah.. you're right. sigh
  21. playing for FGs i hate kirby late game.. too dam conservative
  22. wtf guys
  23. aaaand offense does nothing par the course
  25. dont do it defense ffs do not let them get pts