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  1. id rather have a top 5 pick /shrug
  2. top 5 picks are good to me
  3. they officially quit on quinn. this blowout just confirms it
  4. i'll take a top 5 pick over a lost season
  5. /shrug
  6. top 5 pick here we come!
  7. he will be because dan quinn is mike smith 2.0 too loyal and too stupid
  8. if we had Mularkey with this talent i bet we'd have 1 or 2 rings.. because run game wins titles.
  9. Yes just get top 5 pick.
  10. gimme that top 5 pick
  11. some BS will happen man you watch. something will cause em to lose at the end of the game
  12. think i may quit caring about sports. no georgia based team will every win another title
  13. **** kirby ***** all on him
  14. been turned off sports more and more because this state is cursed
  15. kirby you can gtfo for that horse**** man