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  1. well chuck is likely gone. now we wait for the (likely) inevitable kim death coming.. which turns jimmy full on saul
  2. people do know we have the RBs to lean on if matt goes down right? and schaub can do fine if he has a running game.. and julio will bail him out
  3. michael mckean plays the i hate this Fing guy well.. because we Fing hate chuck. but something happens to kim that turn jimmy into full blown saul. she's the one thing keeping him from going full saul right now
  4. i wanna know what or whom is gonna kill chuck and/or kim. thats the conclusion for those two as i see it.
  5. since no roberts rebellion i give 0 f*cks for spinoffs then
  6. as long as one of em is robert's rebellion im game
  7. grab their paws and bolt them down in the tub with your hand. you may get bit. but ill take a bite over deep cuts all over my hands/arms it's what we did.
  8. we pick at 174 then i can turn off the draft
  9. so he'll be the FB/RB ?
  10. saw a pic of brian hill seems likea big boy so power back
  11. Brian Hill RB?
  12. and we're on the clock
  13. jaguars having themselves a draft shame they're still the jaguars
  14. lol bengals drafted kicker in round 5
  15. broncos stole jake.