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  1. trae hitting them free throws in clutch times
  2. atleast hawks up 3-2 in series. braves just more disappointment
  3. Trae hits them free throws when needed unlike a certain someone...
  4. freddie brings em within 1.. just for the pitching to make it a 2 run game. yikes.
  5. if snit wont try another **** closer he needs to go.
  6. they REALLY dont wanna be above .500 jesus fing christ this **** team.
  7. only 1 run lead smith.. dont start walking ppl.
  8. that wasnt strike 3 by a mile.. but ill take it.
  9. well smith don't let us down.
  10. harper getting K'd will never not be great
  11. welp hawks L. and at this rate braves soon too.
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