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  1. So did Sam Baker. He is definitely not "boss status"
  2. Yea especially in the NFL where contracts aren't worth the paper they are signed on. I dont know why fans dont get this?
  3. The team that Tebow was handed and the team that Ryan was handed were pretty much equal. Tim was handed a bad underachieving Bronco defense with a below average offense. No Wrs worth mentioning, a reclamation project at RB, and did something that the Falcons haven't done since 2004. Ryan was handed a hall of fame TE, a surprisingly good RB, a all pro WR entering his prime and a mediocre defense and we have only defeated 3 teams in the last 2 years that were above average.
  4. Sometimes this message board is like the proverbial Ostrich with its head in the sand. Lets all drink the Kool-Aid, sing Kumbayaa and hang on to obscure stats like "matt ryan is the 3rd tallest QB to pass for 200 yards on a Thursday against the Cleveland Browns". The members want to ban people just because they have a differing opinion? Sounds like fascism. The OP used colorful language but did he really say anything out of the ordinary?
  5. Yea LOL @ who else was available. 5 or 6 head coaches lost their jobs, some of their staffs lost their jobs as well. There were plenty of candidates out there. I dont see how people say "Brian Schottenheimer would not be a good candidate because Sanchez sucks, but Dirk is a good one with the 32nd ranked offense and Blaine Babbert? So Dirk is absolved of any guilt in the lack of success for Babbert (yes i know he was a rookie but so was Dalton, Yates, and Newton), and Schott takes all of the blame for Sanchez? I dont get it
  6. You guys' newspaper has been Punk'd. I guess the idea of celebrity imposters is out of the realm of possibility. That guy looks nothing like Ryan, and what about Matt leads you to believe that he would get on a mic and say "im matty Ice" LOL. He's devoid of swagger and thats fine. The new Matt "party animal" Ryan is probably an investment banker named Bob
  7. I hope Decoud is playing for another team next year. He stinks
  8. Ryan has more of a basketball build. He is like 6 ft 6 and lanky. He was pretty good in high school from what I hear. I got Ryan winnning..... Boy you can tell its the offseason
  9. Im not a big fan of Ryan, but anyone saying that we need to cut him is a fool. He is our QB for the next two years at least. We have more pressing concerns
  10. Well it is his life. He could risk it all for the team and you think the team would reward him if he comes back unhealthy for 2012? History has shown the NFL to be the cruelest league to its players. They can be cut at any time, their contracts aren't worth the piece of paper that they are written on. So many guys are limping around and struggling in their post-NFL lives and the billion dollar industry doesn't want to take care of them. If a guy wants to hold out for a higher signing bonus, more power to him. Its amazing that all of these strict "pure capitalist never want athletes to try to maximize their contracts. They "lose respect" for someone who is trying to make as much money as they can in the small window of the NFL. Chipper Jones can drag his carcass out there at age 59, but football players are over the hill for certain spots at age 30. As a fan I dont like the move that Grimes may or may not have made. As a man with a family I can understand it.
  11. I think he was efficient in those two games. The GB game he didn't even break 200 yards. I will say he played well in those contests
  12. I dont want to trade roddy, but if Smith doesn't get a playoff win that means that we are stagnant. The big Boss Blank said "simply making it to the playoffs is no longer our benchmark" If the owner is saying that in public, i think its safe to say that he is frustrated with our lack off playoff success.
  13. I doubt we have a shot at him, would love to see him in a falcons uni
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