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  1. Marlon, along side Grady I hope they wreck the center of the line.
  2. Can they stop interrupting Red Zone to show falcons failing please I don't want to see it.
  3. Sigh, why return that he looked like he was in mud running so slow.
  4. Please pull Matt, he is going to get hurt behind this line.
  5. Crazy thing is when these guys line up and play for us for the next 12-15 years to come no one will be complaining then. I work with McGary's cousin whom is a Saints fan. Cannot wait till tomorrow to ask when he is ordering his new falcon jersey.
  6. Tom Brady asked Julio for his jersey after the game in Foxborough last year. Julio told him I'll get ya in the locker room.
  7. Quinn in the presser said Riley was gassed and they had to pull him. He said something along the lines of he was good and made some mistakes that were expected and they will continue to work with him. Same old same old coach speak.
  8. I am not sure but was Tak out on the last drive? I didn't see anything about him hurt, so maybe gassed?
  9. Yeah if you follow the link its a gif video of it. Sorry I did a search and nothing turned up. Probably didn't put in the best of terms to search for.
  10. https://fat.gfycat.com/LastExcitableFeline.webm I do not remember this being posted and thought it should be shown. While what he is doing in Haiti is to be commended, he is a POS on the field. I am glad he did not make the finals for the Walter Payton Award this year. Sorry I don't know how to embed on this forum.
  11. I think its funny people really believe fans being overconfident relates to a team being overconfident. Anything a fan says or does has no bearing on the game outcome unless your butt is in the stands making noise.
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