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  1. This is why I hate Georgia, everything is always racist down here.
  2. I'll agree with both counts, and hope and pray that you are right on the second. I said in another post that this is a great time to be a Falcons fan. I'm looking forward to seeing what the future holds for this franchise. And I'll say again, great post War Eagle.
  3. It was tough but I went with the entire D. The red zones stands they made last night won the game plain and simple. Without their strenght, will, & determination last night the outcome would've been a lot different. Great job D!
  4. I believe we've got the ability to win both games, whether we do or not I'm not so sure. Neither of these places are going to be easy to go in and play. I have to admit I'm a lot less worried about the Cowboys than I am NO. NO looks great offensively. The key for us in that game is going to be ball control, we've got to get Turner going and keep the clock moving. The best way to keep them from winning is to keep Brees off the field. If we can do that we'll win both games and be staring at a 6-1 start. Can you imagine??? My God it's a great time to be a Falcons fan!!
  5. Definately would be nice to step up and take advantage of the spotlight. It's not very often we see the Falcons on TV in front of the entire nation. I'd love to see us have a great night and perhaps, just perhaps, finally begin to get some of the recognition we so rightly deserve. I can't wait for this game to kick off, please let's put a beat down on Da Bears, I hate the bears.
  6. Just watched that myself a few minutes ago. Now, that, is compliment for our young, franchise QB. I'd take that compliment coming from anyone but coming from Tony Dungy, the man who spent so much time with Peyton, WOW!
  7. Love the comments Peyton, I can't wait to see what kind of game Matt has tonight. I'm on pins and needles waiting for game time, got my Ryan jersey on and ready for kick off. Let go Matty Ice, lead us to victory!!!
  8. This season has been horrid for refs in general. Not just in the NFL but in the college ranks as well. I've never seen it quite this bad.
  9. I hate that I waited so long to check this forum. I watched those calls yesterday and was completely pissed. My Dawgs (AJ) got screwed a couple of weeks ago on a lame call and now the Backs get it too. As much as I loathe Petrino I was pullin for Ark in this game. No way those calls get made against anyone other than the Gaytors. These officials have been TERRIBLE this year. Their constantly taking the game out of the players hands.
  10. Great vid Nick! Can't wait for kick off tonight! Let's go Falcons!!!
  11. Yea, I hate waiting for late games as well. I think I'll follow (not watch) the Aints/Giants at 1. That should help kill some time. If not I may play some of my Madden franchise lol. Also hate staying up this late on a Sunday night. Monday's are brutal as it is. The sacrifices I make for my Falcons lol.
  12. waiting for game time!!

  13. I'd have to agree with you on this one. These 2 guys are quickly becoming 2 of my favorites.
  14. That is absolutely your best work yet Super!!! That one brought tears to my eyes I laughed so hard. Love the "C"harmin on the tshirt!
  15. I actually found the little "rant" to be amusing. I love how people love to point out what they've accomplished in the past and not what's happening right now. Can't wait for the game Sunday night, hopefully we'll give him crow 2 yrs running.
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