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  1. If Project Ryan is the man, then let YKW go? Or will a late season collapse cause Blank to have a change of heart? The Falcons may be a 50 point Saints explosion or Derrick Brooks-led Tampa beatdown from being bounced out of playoff contention. Or maybe a 200 yard Adrian Peterson game from being bounced out. Will Arthur go back on his promise to let Vick go and try to hold him HOSTAGE? Vick is getting out--soon and he is playing again--sooner than people think. And he won't be a RB, but a STARTING QB. Will Ryan suffer Matt Schaub's fate of getting the big money, then teasing and then falling off dramatically. Something subtle as Mike Mularkey leaving for a head coaching gig could also accelerate a potential problem for Project Ryan in the coming years. Blank's biggest fear is Vick going to a new team and that NEW TEAM going to the playoffs before Matt Ryan's Falcons' team. Will Arthur honor his word and let Vick go or will he renege?
  2. Racist? You don't know what the term means. And I had never said anything about YKW... Playoffs or bust for Ryan is accurate. He is already making 12 million a year. So he has to be held accountable just like everyone else.
  3. GO GEORGIA TECH...this is just the beginning of a long winning streak over Georgia.. Failure isn't an option. Playoffs or bust for the Falcons, Blank and 12 Million Mr. Ryan..
  4. Coming so close and then possibly not making it would be devastating, wouldn't it? It's all about wins and losses. Cleveland had a great year last year, but has found it hard to get wins. The same for Jacksonville with David Garrard. And the same for Phillip Rivers and San Diego. Is this Ryan's best chance to make the playoffs in 2008? Carson Palmer had a lot of promise, but he is entering his seventh year as an injury prone QB who has failed to lead his team to the playoffs once again. Michael Turner has stayed healthy. Norwood has stayed healthy for the first time in his career. Roddy is catching the ball more consistently. It seems a lot of things are falling into place for 2008, but if the team come close and fails to make the playoffs, would the Falcons' 2008 season be seen as a failure? Playoffs or 'BUST'...
  5. Jamaal is definitely on the hotseat for 2009. The disparity is tremendous. Aundray Bruce was seen as the worst pick in Falcons history, but it seems week after week Jamaal is proving that he is overmatched on the NFL level.
  6. Mularkey has had a solid reputation of being a great offensive coordinator, and has drawn interest in the past from NFL teams for their head coaching positions. However, if Mularkey leaves, will this affect Matt Ryan's development as a QB. Will we have another Greg Knapp situation here in Atlanta?
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