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  1. the" ATLANTA GANGSTAS'......I Love It !!!!!
  2. Carey, who first told ESPN.com of Peppers' decision early Saturday, said Peppers wants to play in a 3-4 defense. The Panthers use a 4-3 alignment. "He certainly feels that he can excel and thrive in a 3-4 defense," Carey said. "He is also open to just another system in general that will allow him to maximize his athletic abilities." This is the problem with signing Peppers........we play in a 4-3 defense....he wants to play in a 3-4.
  3. we play a "soft" defense...thats why we dont force turnovers. LET EM CATCH IT...THEN TACKLE EM. that way we dont get burned long. (supposedly). I HATE THAT FRIGGEN DEFENSE !!!! I loved watching ed reed & asante samuel jump routes in the philly game. If they miss, the safeties pick up the slack. But i only remember a couple of times this year when we tried to jump the route and go for the pick.
  4. we would not need to blitz as much if we had a dominating pass rush, but i do agree with you, the only way we could put pressure on warner was to blitz
  5. we were not CONSISTANT with the short passing game strike....that was the difference.
  6. THAT IS WHAT WE NEED TO WORK ON FOR NEXT YEAR.....OUR PASS RUSH !!!! keep brooking ....keep milloy.....keep houston.....keep foxy !!!! Build the most dominating pass rush around Abe and all these guys will look like the greatest players on earth !!!!
  7. ....I think we should run the no-huddle EVERY 1st posession, Come out of the box fast. The 1st plays are scripted anyways, so why huddle up.
  8. ......I realize that we are a running team....but they also realized that we are a running team, and thats what they practiced for. When we switched to the no-huddle, Ryan was throwing 5,6,& 8 yard passes and getting rid of the ball quick. Thats how we scored our points. But, the next posession we would go right back to the run and go 3 & out. Matt is more than capable of running a short passing game and, who knows, by doing that more consistantly they may have backed up the linebackers and opened up the running game. As I said, we did it a couple of times, but I feel that if we were more consistant with it, to the point where they thought we were in passing mode, we could have run the ball. It also would have brought the safeties up to handle the short pass, so we might have had a couple of long opportunities. JMHO
  9. It really does look like his thumb is up Docketts arse !!!!!.....**** !!!!! Hope he didnt sniff it afterwards !!!!
  10. I think he is just looking for something to post about.....
  11. .....great thought ghost.....lets keep abe tho....he is all we have
  12. .....I WANT HIM ON THE FALCONS NOW.....I WILL PAY HIS SALARY !!!!! ( do you think he will come here for $100.....its all I can afford )
  13. .....Brent Grimes is too short.....he was getting beat like an ugly dog the 1st few games. Thats why we got Foxy. Keep Grimes on special teams.....he is too short to play corner.
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