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  1. it seems a lot of people have a hard time understanding the thread. The thread isn't about what the Redskins record is or how their free agents underperform. That isn't relevant. What is relevant is the fact that they continue to spend tons of money every single offseason since Snyder took over as owner and it seems they are never in trouble with the salary cap. How is that possible. Please remember their record is irrelevant to this thread. This thread is about their ability to not be affected by the salary cap when all the "experts" say they will be affected.
  2. listen to what you just said. They got rid of Jason Taylor and signed Haynesworth. So they aren't effected by Taylors cap hit????? We got rid of Brooking and I don't see us signing Bart Scott or Ray Lewis or Haynesworth.
  3. it's not about what their record is. The point is how come they can spend tons of money every year when every offseason the "experts" say the Redskins are gonna have to "pay the piper" because they will be in cap **** next season....and next season....and next season....and next season....and next season.....and next season.
  4. if the salary cap was real there would be no way the Redskins could have signed Haynesworth who I desperately was hoping the Falcons would spend the money for him. Haynesworth and Abraham would have turned Jamall Anderson into a double digit sack master. every year for the last 6 years I've been hearing how the Redskins are gonna have to pay the piper because they are going to be over the cap and they will have to release every player but yet every season they spend big money in free agency. Well, hear it goes again. The Redskins once again spend a ton of money and they appear to be bulletproof from the cap (which doesn't exist). this thread isn't about wether or not the Redskins have won SuperBowls in the last 10 years. It's just simply pointing out the fact that they spend freely without a conscious and they never have cap issues. Either the cap is phoney or their GM is really good with manipulating numbers. I believe it's a little bit of both.
  5. I really enjoyed Transformers but do you reallly think of it as a classic like Predator or Die Hard. Predator is arguably Arnold's best movie ever and he's had a ton of great flicks. In his "heyday" he and Stallone were the man.
  6. LOTR's is great but to consider the other one's classics like the one's I listed is laughable. I consider LOTR's more of a fantasy/drama flick that has action in it. it is a superb flick nonetheless.
  7. the actor who played the Predator was actually over 7'0 feet tall. When you see him towering over Arnold in the movie it wasn't because of a trick camera angle. He was really giant. He died in the earlly 90's after he got into a bad car accident and received a blood transfusion that was tainted with the AIDS virus.
  8. Predator is great but it's not hard for a movie from that era to hold up to todays flicks because todays flicks are so waterdowned and aren't nearly as good as movies from the 90's and 80's. The new millinium has produced the worst era in movies of the last 30 years.
  9. YOU DON'T LIKE FACE OFF!!!!!!!! :o :o :o that is one of my favorite movies of the 90's. it's action packed and has a great storyline with great actors starring in it. Travolta and cage showed their starpower in that flick. I believe Michael Bay directed it. I can't believe you don't like Face Off. It's got sex, drugs and violence in it. How could you not like a movie like that. "Heat" with Pacino and Dinero is also a great flick. Tremendous dialogue with a great plot.
  10. all drugs need to be legalized and taxed. That would definately fix the budget problem and also clear up this joke known as "The War On Drugs."
  11. I think not. Great action flicks are a dying breed. Very few if any impress me now days. The 1st Matrix was great and the Blade Trilogy is extremely underrated as is Wesley Snipes. For whatever reason he has never got his due respect in Hollywood even though he's been a big part of some great movies such as New Jack City, White Men Can't Jump, SugerHill, Murder at 1600 and obviously the Blade trilogy. Has anyone seen that new movie "Taken." It's got a PG 13 rating but the plot looks good.
  12. could you imagine great movies like Deer Hunter, Scarface, Terminator, Rambo, Pulp Fiction and Face Off being rated PG 13. How horrible would that be.
  13. it's hard to get into the PG 13 theatrical version of the movie because of the lack of swearing. It doesn't feel like a Die Hard movie without McClain dropping some "F" bombs. I'm tempted to rent the unrated version so I can truly judge the film and see how it measures up to the previous 3 which were all rated R. I miss R rated films. Commercialism sucks.
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