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  1. For the throwbacks nothing changed with them so you can order the ones from last year and they will be the same.
  2. I'm waiting to see a vapor limited version of it myself. Hopefully a debo or grady one will be available
  3. Yes. These have always been available. Nothing changed with the throwbacks. Heres a Julio Vapor throwback: https://shop.atlantafalcons.com/mens-nike-julio-jones-black-atlanta-falcons-vapor-untouchable-limited-player-jersey/p-35283670592596+z-9217-1004511077?_ref=p-DLP:m-GRID:i-r4c0:po-12
  4. upload them to a picture sharing site like https://imgur.com/ and post the links
  5. Yeah thats what I think they will prob do at some point... maybe... Here is how they have it in Dallas...
  6. Makes sense. I remember reading a few months ago a STH was relocated due to something hanging from the ceiling that obstructed their seat.
  7. Are there any division/conference championships banners or ring of honor anywhere in the stadium? From what I can see on TV and pictures, I dont see these things anywhere. Or are these things displayed throughout the hallways/concourses in the stadium? I ask because the GA Dome auction site has the old banners for sale. I thoughts atleast the championship banners would be re-hung and the ring of honor would put below like the upper seating bowl like most other stadiums do. Or are we waiting to hang a Super Bowl banner and saying screw it to the other ones?
  8. There's an article with a video about it: http://www.chron.com/sports/texans/article/George-Toma-88-to-help-prepare-Super-Bowl-field-10881148.php
  9. Thought I heard that during the Hawks game on tv tonight. Awesome!
  10. AFAIK PSL only applies to Falcons games. You may get first preference to other events... check the FAQ on the stadium site.
  11. I uploaded another video from our Twitch Broadcast Falcons vs Seahawks. My colleague was doing the commentary not myself on this one.(Keep in mind video was uploaded from Twitch.tv and features the hosts talking with viewers from chat answering questions and such) My friend was the Seahawks and I was the Falcons of course . Game starts towards the end of 2nd Qtr.
  12. Not many players in the game have their face scanned. Mainly popular players and some rookies get thiers scanned.
  13. Whats funny is that the all of that is the same as last year, they didnt even bother to change that lol.
  14. Yeah they are. I'll give the game that. Mostly plays the same as Madden 15.
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