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  1. Imagine how explosive our offense would be with Watson and our receiving core. Ryan + #4 for Watson
  2. A couple of friends and I are coming out to Atlanta for this game. This will be my first trip to the dome ! We will be staying at the Downtown W hotel near the stadium ... Any suggestions on bars, clubs, places to see ??
  3. The FO fell for Quinn and for good reason too. He's been overseeing historically good defenses in Seattle. Granted he wasnt responsible for hand picking their all-pro D, but he still had something to do with their success.... Blank and the FO probably thought that in the next 5 years Seattle is going to be the team to beat in order to advance to the super bowl. Out of all the available options whose better than their own DC to help destroy those Seacocks? And he'll probably steal a coach or two from Carroll which will hopefully further weaken them!!!
  4. Regular Season Schedule: Week 1 vs NO - W Week 2 @ CIN - W Week 3 vs TB - W Week 4 @ MIN - W Week 5 @ NYG - W Week 6 vs CHI - L Week 7 @ BAL - W Week 8 vs DET - W Week 9 BYE Week 10 @ TB - W Week 11 @ CAR - W Week 12 vs CLE - W Week 13 vs ARI - W Week 14 @ GB - L Week 15 vs PIT - W Week 16 @ NO - L Week 17 vs CAR - L Pro Bowlers: Matt Ryan Julio Jones Desmond Trufant William Moore Jake Matthews Player Stats: Matt Ryan - 4500 YDS / 40 TD / 10 INT / 71% COMP Steven Jackson - 1150 YDS / 12 TD Julio Jones - 1900 YDS / 18 TD Roddy White - 1250 YDS / 10 TD NFC South Standings: Falcons (12-4) Saints
  5. That makes more sense. Robinson and Schwartz would be a sweet combo to the right ! If Konz can get his act together, then all we need to really be worried about is baker Again I just don't feel like your offseason really improved the line that much. We can't go into the season with Holmes, Baker, and Carimi as our top tackles.
  6. Matt Ryan cannot survive next year with a mediocre line. The FO will not mess around with their $100M investment. They will do whatever it takes to get protection for their asset.
  7. Most analysts point to the fact that the Julio Jones injury is one of the main reasons why we are struggling. What they forget to mention is that we were 2-4 before Julio's injury. JJ is an integral part of our offense and will be a force in the league for years to come. However I believe that the fate of our season was sealed when Roddy White went down in the preseason. It's no secret that White has been Ryan's favorite target upon his arrival in 2008. White was a third down machiene and one or the most reliable recievers on our team. Last night we saw what happens when Roddy and Ryan are bac
  8. If I had to choose between the two Julio Jones Alldayyy
  9. We have the best and fastest secondary in the league. I still hope somehow Williams or Jwnkins falls
  10. Yeah trading back makes sense in that situation, I really don't want to trade up unless TD believes the prospect is a sure fire starter.
  11. VALUE-wise are there any good DTs projected to be there around our original pick or do we need to trade up a few spots to grab somebody ?
  12. LOL at least we will be relevant whereas the Aints will still be garbage...
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