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  1. Wasnt it just descovered that Smith was the reason for a lot of what we had on D?
  2. Boooooooo..**** you people frome Georgia are imbred idiots!
  3. you still wanting to trade Horford? Smh!
  4. Quinn..that d and style of play is just nasty..talent evaluation is off the roofs..no favorites, let the best man win. Wtf is all the love for Ryan? Makes no sense!
  5. So we just let the whole team run on us instead, esp the qb. I know the rund D looked a million times better at the end of the season, take away cam newtons scrambling of course. But still pretty shocked that this lousy D was even mentioned on espn, let alone be one of the top teams only behind the ravens.
  6. already ready reported that the niners and harbaugh will mutually cut ties..no trade will be required to sign him
  7. Harbaugh got a great offer but has not finalized the deal as much as it seems he will be going there. Why? Black monday and what will be offered to him in the NFL. Had atl won, time would have expired..not only because we would have had another week of football, but because we would have beat the cards which would add 2 weeks. Blank is ready to whipe the nasty taste of bobby ***** and of the collapse Smith lead us to in 2012 NFC championship game and 2 years to follow. He will open his huge wallet for hopes of immediate success going into the new stadium. The thought of a TRUE tough nosed coach with proven success will open blanks wallet..and the thought of a true pocket passer like Ryan will attract Jim to Atl (along with blanks $)
  8. De/olb dont care about the cap..every year we ***** about the cap..over pay idc just bring us multiple pass rushers and play makers from these positions. Draft will not fix this D..money and draft will! Cut osi, kb, sjax and we have freed up some space right there
  9. bro I played db at q pretty high level..lost my scholorship to an injury my sr yr and as someone that knows the position pretty well...please tell me where alford was taught to rape WRs And how hes any good? Pi or completion every play!
  10. love how u dumbasses put everyone on the same boat..I been callin for alfords head sinvlce the beg of the season..so ya 1 game doesnt change my mind, the fact that Alford is terrible and Mcclain played better than Alford ever has. Sorry when I see an upgrade I call it
  11. Its just obvious alford was the worst player on this d..refreshing not seeing a yellow hanky everytime the other team throws the ball!
  12. 2nd worst offense, cant get any worse! Maybe BJ will play better now that justin is gone. Bj is our only hope for a good offense with or without juston and jhey!
  13. All the sudden we are ballin in the 2nd half but cant do **** in the 1st half, does this just mean we play terrible with a lead or are we closer to putting a full game together now that we have figured it out in the 2nd half? Sadly I think we are just terrible with a lead!
  14. Im still routing hard for us to win out, but in the back of my mind I know this team absolutely NEEDS the higher draft pick. Making the playoffs could badly handcuff this team for years to come. There is a reason we are 5-9 right now and we need top tier talent in each round to have a chance at fixing this D quickly!
  15. im sure everyone understood what he meant, problem is we dont get pressure or sacks. The only time we get pressureI is when we whiff on sacks. Teams that get sacks create a lot of pressure basically wrong team to say that about
  16. You guys are crazy..why would we want any of those guys. If we are making a trade then do it to get better. Mack for shumpert? Lol really? What is the point of that, we are deep at wing!
  17. Just look at our D since Ryan got here..how the F have we gone from bad to the worst? How have we not got a legit pass rusher? Grimes and Abe are a perfect example of how lost TD is in his mind. I have no problem with Smith being fired but I DO HAVE A PROBLEM IF HE IS TDs SCAPE GOAT! AND FOR HEAVENS SAKE WHATEVER YOU DO KEEP TICE!
  18. Hes garbage..I posted this on sunday, these stats just back up what my eyes told told me
  19. http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nfl-shutdown-corner/julio-jones-almost-singlehandedly-takes-down-packers-before-hip-injury-162653387.html Well this gives me some hope!
  20. nope I want linebackers that fill the hole, get through the hole and tackle in the backfield..stop rbs from turning check downs into long plays capiche?
  21. lol he had many opportunities to make plays, he didnt make them. Hes part of the problem. One pass break up doesnt change that
  22. I noticed something many years ago when st louis had the greatest show on turf, there wr always went down before they got hit. From that point I noticed many wrs used this tactic. These wrs usually always stayed healthy. Julio has the mentality that he wants to bounce off and go to the house. He has heart but needs to get down, conserve energy and stay healthy. I feel like if roddy wasnt such a physical type wr he would teach him these ways which is better for all of us
  23. I have always loved me some Julio, love love love baby..everyone can eat crow
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