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  1. RDE: Vic Beasley 3-Tech Derek Shelby, DT NT: Dontari Poe, Dt LDE Adrian Clayborn, DE LB: Deion Jones LB: Duke Riley
  2. https://twitter.com/PFF/status/864922141766160384/photo/1
  3. Maybe the eagles eagles.jpg-large
  4. Reddick,Rivers,Bowser and Dorian
  5. Happy Easter to all !!!
  6. Nice mock I have 2 mock with some of the same players Mock 1 Rd 1 Pk 31 - Forrest Lamp (G) Western Kentucky Rd 2 Pk 63 - Tarell Basham (DE) Ohio Rd 3 Pk 95 - Jake Butt (TE) Michigan Rd 4 Pk 136 - Tanoh Kpassagnon (DE) Villanova Rd 5 Pk 174 - Jalen Reeves-Maybin (OLB) Tennessee Rd 7 Pk 249 - Blair Brown (ILB) Ohio Mock 2 Rd 1 Pk 31 - Taco Charlton (DE) Michigan Rd 2 Pk 63 - Dorian Johnson (G) Pittsburgh Rd 3 Pk 95 - Jaleel Johnson (DT) Iowa Rd 4 Pk 136 - Daeshon Hall (DE) Texas A&M Rd 5 Pk 174 - George Kittle (TE) Iowa Rd 7 Pk 249 - Steven Taylor (OLB) Houston
  7. Edge ,RG ,Speed TE, OLB and DT
  8. 2 He would be a Sam to me 3 From the mocks Ive seen I believe he will be there at our 2nd pick
  9. 1 Yes he will be there
  10. We have Ish and Sharrod Neasman as SS back ups
  11. Also I believe Quinn talked about Poole been a possible back up to Allen thats why no FS was drafted
  12. I didn't really think about D. Walker as a 3T I think i will agree he would be a better fit for it as it wants Quinn like, As in my thinking in C.Walker I see him as in someone that can replace Hags if for what reason he domestic case causes him to be released.As for the TE I wanted Bucky Hodges but he was already gone by my pick, but thats why I went with Adam Shaheen he was the next best TE. I like Maybin I believe he can compete for a backup role for a 7th rounder
  13. Yea I used Draftwired and I will put more information the next time reasoning why i made the picks
  14. I wanted to add a Fs where Walker was but didnt find anyone who I liked so i just picked the best available player