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  1. What if my aunt had a sack? Well she'd be my uncle
  2. Maybe not at this point. But that's why the season is 17 weeks long.
  3. Naw I heard what you said, was just misleading. My apologies.
  4. Does anyone have a link for the hit? I watched the game but I was drinking at my buddies too haha I looked on youtube but didnt see it.
  5. Stopped watching after he said we won in no last week /credibility
  6. Nah people over here understand how hybrid defenses work. It's what we run too. **** just about every defense has hybrid looks. And ultimately I think Vaccaro will be a great addition to the saints d. It just bothers me seeing the same saints fans claiming how great their rookie is doing or will do, yet seem to think we're doomed with our inexperienced secondary.
  7. Good point. Peyton's about as immobile as they come lol
  8. Continuing with BoC's post the amoeba defense is like a curveball in baseball. It's nasty when it's not seen coming, but loses potency the more it's seen. With that said I honestly don't think we'll see it this week unless the Saints go marching in on our D. (pause)
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