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  1. I'm not the grammar police....but holy @!%$!% reading that post is like sticking pins and needles in my face...Is the education really that bad in our country?
  2. noooooooo I dont want LJ... well at least it has been proven that TD is smarter than me...so we'll see what happens
  3. Just say no.....to LJ Smith...I'd rather have some upside rookie from the draft
  4. Thanks for sharing that man... I appreciate it...for some reason I always think it is cool seeing pictures of our Falcons out and about and mingling with us common folk... Cool picture
  5. wow I thought the odds would be higher than that...16-1 not much value there
  6. I'd say closer to zero percent then fifty
  7. I'm onboard for the outdoor stadium...I love football OUTDOORS...now I love the GA Dome don't get me wrong...but if I can have my choice...I say an outdoors stadium
  8. GREAT JOB FALCONS...Can't Wait for 09 Falcons Football good post
  9. Wow pointless thread...dare I think a poster had some actual genuine news other than "man wouldn't it be awesome if the Falcons signed Champ Bailey, Ed Reed, and Brian Urlacher...then we'd be awesome"
  10. as ALWAYS.....Great Work I also set as desktop background
  11. I like the call to get them in town early...
  12. Yeah ending the season on a 3-0 streak....he must be horrible Sounds like an idiot saying that
  13. I'm dissapointed in your post... WE need to strive to win the division...we do that with our players on the field that got us this far
  14. DUDE...we are playing for the division title....YOU DONT SIT THE GUYS THAT GOT YOU HERE
  15. If I'm not mistaken...he did NOT cause the fumble...but merely picked it up when it bounced in his lap... I think WR Eric Weems caused the fumble on special teams....not positive...but thats what I saw
  16. The funny thing is that it is a real possibility. It’s a long shot, but it is real. Amen Rev...Lets Go Falcons
  17. 35-7....You are delusional I say very close game...Vikings make a push in the 4th...but the Falcons hold on 24-27 Falcons
  18. http://www.the506.com/nflmaps/2008-16-FOX2.html LOOK AT THE LOVE FOR THE FALCONS...PURPLE EVERYWHERE ----Which is good No way Orlando can take this game away from me... FINALLY Can't wait for Sunday guys... I Hope most of you get the game!
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