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  1. The Hawks don't have the cap space to sign Klay to a max offer...
  2. I believe you man. haha. Calm down. I wasn't attacking you, but there's a growing sect of society that believes a man should not defend himself against a woman in any circumstances. It just triggered a lot of us. I understand what you mean now my good sir.
  3. 3 - 16 years watched my step dad beat my mom, sister when she was pregnant, and me. Trust me he choked my mom until he thought she was dead. Luckily she wasn't.
  4. Well I don't know your specific circumstances, but like I said. I grew up with DOMESTIC violence which is different than what this is. This is assault.
  5. re·tal·i·a·tion /rəˌtalēˈāSH(ə)n/ noun the action of returning a military attack; counterattack. "the bombings are believed to be in retaliation for the trial of 15 suspects" synonyms: revenge, vengeance, reprisal, retribution, requital, recrimination, repayment; More
  6. Not to pile on here, but retaliation does mean self defense. It means if you as a man hit me first, I have the right to retaliate with equal force under the law. If I change the first man in the sentence aboe to woman...it's the same thing.
  7. I agree with this. The mantra seems to be, You should never hit a woman. The mantra should be all adults keep your hands to yourself! That's what I teach the kids. The girls and boys. You do not have the right to hit someone unless it's self defense.
  8. This right here is not true. No adult should put their hands on anyone. There's rising cases were men are being physically abused by women and stay because they are men. EVERYONE has a right to self defense. Women are our equal they shouldn't hit us and we shouldn't hit them. I watched my step dad beat my mom and choke her half to death in front of me. When I was 17 I whopped his *** and they divorced. That same lady told me to never let anyone man or woman abuse me because of what she's been through. NO ONE SHOULD HIT ANYONE! IF a woman feels she can hit a man she should
  9. I guess you missed the Saints game this year where Matt had 5 TD's?
  10. They can potentially have 3 if everything falls correctly. 1. Their own Dallas' top 5 protected Cleveland top 10 protected.
  11. It was a tremendous step up from the Carolina game. I'm not saying he's an all pro like Debo, but he def was average out there, which was good to see. As far as communicating, I don't think his problems have ever been identifying what the offense is trying to do presnap, it's making a play once the ball is snapped. I think he can communicate what the offense is running pretty well to the dline and other backers.
  12. The positive I took away was Duke Riley actually played well this game. Believe it or not, he may be the saving grace as far as communication.
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