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  1. We'll definitely have a shot next week. New England isn't playing that well this season. The team that concerns me the most is New Orleans. Their offense is terrific. Their schedule is slightly easier than ours. It looks like it's going to be a two team race for the south. Comments?
  2. I most respectively disagree about Turner. Miami's defense was controlling the line against the run. When he had a hole, he produced, but it was at the end of the game. We don't have to worry. Turner will get his yards.
  3. That's just it we were PREDICTED to win 1 game. If I told you the sky was green, would that make it true? Heck No! I'm tired of everyone saying we were predicted, supposed, they said we would win this. We are who we are people. We are 11-5! Don't be satisfied. You guys act as if next year is promised. All we know, (god forbid) Matt Ryan, Michael Turner, Norwood, JA55, White, all could break a leg next year and we are 1 - 15. Don't be happy with just making the playoffs. The team's Slogan is Why not us? So why not us!?! We have the CHEMISTRY to win it all. So, darn let's hope they do!
  4. We have a short week and going out west...crap, but I think we'll be fine.
  5. Linky Posted by ESPN.com's Pat Yasinskas ATLANTA -- In the postgame locker room Sunday at the Georgia Dome, a slogan was reborn. What it lacks in originality is made up for by the possibility that it just might fit the Atlanta Falcons better than any team that ever has used the rallying cry. "The message is, 'Why not us?' " coach Mike Smith said. Why not? As they enter the playoffs, the Falcons just might be the most dangerous team in the NFC. They're the hottest, entering the playoffs on a three-game winning streak. The top-seeded Giants and No. 2 Carolina are the obvious favorites and the mo
  6. I think that can be attributed to missing some starters, but we have a good defense. Not great, but good. They just need more consistency this year and a few more pieces next year.
  7. I don't think the defense was too bad today. They've actually stepped up the last few weeks with the game on the line. The only game where they didn't, was New Orleans. Tampa the defense (JA55) got the sack in overtime. Vikings the defense holds on fourth down. Today, the defense holds on fourth down again. Teams may move the ball on us from quarters 1 through 3, but the defense has stepped up with the game on the line!
  8. You know. I think the Cards have been playing a cat and mouse game the last few weeks. They don't pull out their entire arsenal until the playoffs. That way whoever faces them won't have the proper tape to prepare. I'm not overlooking the cards. I'm pretty sure our birds aren't. They can put up points on anyone.
  9. I made a thread about this earlier in the week. I have the utmost faith in our team, but I don't question someone being a fan if they are not happy with teams performance. I ,for one, want a Superbowl this year! Next year can be a complete disaster. So let's go all out now, and win it while we are in it!
  10. I'll bite. Don't know about your percentages, but we have had some bad calls this year, but we've overcome them.
  11. I actually feel bad for Romo. This is an embarrassment to the NFL...they actually flexed this game!
  12. Its like saying a flower is dead, but it's still living. No one knows the future. We weren't supposed to win 3 games. The pundits said we would win 3 games. No one knows the future is all I'm saying. Did the team shatter expectations? Yes! Where we a three win team? No!
  13. I agree, but Flacco's been right behind Ryan all season long, but this game could be the determinate!
  14. Could this game cost him ROY? Joe Flacco is having a heck of game...246 and it's just the first half. Do you think this game could cost Matt?
  15. Not trying to bash you or anything, we were "supposed" to win 3 games. Sir, we were supposed to win 11 games because that's what we've won. Don't apply expectations at the beginning of the season to our current team. Its a moot point. We are a good team and should strive to improve every game. I'm not exactly happy we couldn't rest our starters after the first half. If we go up big in the first half, our starters rest. Which is big for our upcoming game!
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