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  1. DA ****'s going on round here. Wow, REALLY? SMDH
  2. Well to answer your question. After the first drive, Tampa had 17 rushes for 54 yards which is an average of 3.18. So I guess on those other 17 rushes they were ,for the most part, below 4.
  3. Saints win the toss...mark my words.
  4. Don't let the Saint's 7-2 record destract you from the fact that they still can go 7-9 giggity!
  5. The Falcons' better have their run fits together when they play the Saints or it'll get ugly real quick!
  6. He's a young guard. He will have good games and bad games. He's looked severicable the previous 5 weeks.
  7. Julio and Sanu had drops too. This wasn't a Hooper thing. It's called rain!
  8. I think it has to do with leaving the tightends in to help the offensive line a little bit. Once Schraeder gets back, I think you will see Hooper come back to life.
  9. We didn't play prevent much in this game.
  10. Vic's leg injury wasn't due to the turf. It was because he was sandwiched between two packers. Jordy gets injured every other game. Ankles happen all the time on any surface. Sabans a big d***. He was prob mad because the stadium took the attention away from him.
  11. It looked like MR2 audibled into the 19 yard slant Hardy caught...right before the audible NBC showed Sarkisan on the sideline shaking his head like he wasn't getting what he wanted Ryan then proceeded to hit Hardy for almost a TD I may be interpreting it all wrong but if I'm reading it right, this is a great sign and means Ryan is in full control & still in MVP mode. Or it could mean Sarkisian is still a little shaky Time will tell Sarkisian was upset because his Mic was cut off while he was calling the play. Ryan probably got the formation etc, but finished the play at the line based on his knowledge of the offense and what the defense was doing. Doesn't mean anything thing other than Stark has to improve in getting the play calls to Matt Ryan.
  12. I keep seeing this. Its because they cut his mike off when he was calling the play. He gave the play and was probably telling Matt something else.
  13. They do general admissions for Atlanta United, not sure if they do it for the Falcons. Some buddies and I did it yesterday to go see the new stadium for cheap yesterday. It was pretty freaking amazing.
  14. Man, the saints' defense is a hot @ss that hasn't been washed in weeks, sh*tty!
  15. If you guys want him to give actual good analysis, stop clicking on this crap. The clicks is what he wants!