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  1. Not saying he's Jones, but if you go back and look at threads about Debo during the first half of 16 you'll see what I mean. Like I also said, he's playing middle linebacker. He's been playing the Will. Once Debo comes back, you'll see Riley back at the Will regardless of how much you dislike him.
  2. You guys realized Duke played decent against the Eagles at the Will. He's starting a different position and he's young. I mean I get pissed at him when I see all these mistakes, but middle line backers is a tough position to play. We have to let him have his growing pains and hopes he progresses. Debo didn't look good his first game against Tampa all those years ago, either. Patience is key with these young players. Now if he starts the entire season and NEXT season he's doing this, then I think Quinn and Company may demote him.
  3. Great minds think a like!
  4. Is that what New England knew? Because I was pretty sure Belichick wanted to keep him and the owner overruled him to keep Brady.
  5. Why can't people just say, you know what, I said the wrong thing and keep it moving. Instead of keep digging their graves deeper. Sigh.
  6. Why does it matter? Not directed at you. Can't figure out how to quote the other guy.
  7. DA ****'s going on round here. Wow, REALLY? SMDH
  8. Well to answer your question. After the first drive, Tampa had 17 rushes for 54 yards which is an average of 3.18. So I guess on those other 17 rushes they were ,for the most part, below 4.
  9. Saints win the toss...mark my words.
  10. Don't let the Saint's 7-2 record destract you from the fact that they still can go 7-9 giggity!
  11. The Falcons' better have their run fits together when they play the Saints or it'll get ugly real quick!
  12. He's a young guard. He will have good games and bad games. He's looked severicable the previous 5 weeks.
  13. Julio and Sanu had drops too. This wasn't a Hooper thing. It's called rain!
  14. I think it has to do with leaving the tightends in to help the offensive line a little bit. Once Schraeder gets back, I think you will see Hooper come back to life.
  15. We didn't play prevent much in this game.