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  1. lol yeah that was kinda funny. UGA vs. Texas in the National Championship Game
  2. NO NO NO there was that one time when they went 11-1 and STILL lost to Florida. Oh wait that probably happened more than once.
  3. Believe me if it was Georgia or Tennessee or LSU or South Carolina or Kentucky or Arkansas or Auburn or Ole Miss or anyone else I wouldn't do it either but growing up and watching Florida take on Alabama in a bloody war nearly every year in the 90s I can't help but want to see them succeed. **** everyone else in the SEC, but if I'm going to root for someone else in this conference, it's going to be Alabama.
  4. For all these years I've always thought that Florida and Alabama had a rivalry that was built on respect more than it was hatred or jealousy. How many battles have we been through? ****, the SEC Championship Game might as well have been called the Alabama/Florida Game during the 90's. There's not a single SEC team I root for to win except for Alabama because of all the passion and respect between our two programs. Don't let my anger and complete disgust at my own team get in the way of your tremendous accomplishment. You guys dominated us and deserve your shot to bring that crystal trophy back to the SEC where it belongs.. ROLL TIDE ROLL!!! Congrats Bama fans, now FINISH THE MISSION!
  5. I love how people just completely forget that we won two National Titles without Tebow starting @ QB. FOOTBALL DIDN'T EXIST BEFORE TIM TEBOW!!!!!
  6. Seriously bro, no matter who we play, TCU or Cincy, it will be the absolute biggest game of the entire existence of either of their programs. For us? Who cares. We lost to Alabama. Nothing else but a paycheck matters now. The heartbreak of being a college football fan...
  7. Yeah yeah soak it up, we'll be back in two or three years to clownstomp you again
  8. Well then congratulations on that buddy, I hope that win over GT made this season worth it.
  9. Agreed. I've calmed down since I made this post. The funny thing is is that I'm not even mad at Tebow, he was just the easiest to take it out on. My REAL anger goes towards Charlie Strong and Steve Adazzio, two guys I hope are no longer on this coaching staff come next year. I LOVED Strong up until this game. It's fine to have bad games when you're playing Arkansas this year or Ole Miss last year but it is absolutely inexcusable to be completely unprepared for the biggest game maybe in school history. It's behind me now. I wish Alabama luck in the Championship Game, and can only hope that TCU and Cincy don't embarrass us too bad.
  10. Now that I've calmed down a bit I agree. I gave up on this team in the 3rd quarter, just like the team did, so I've resigned myself to the fate of playing TCU in the biggest game they've ever played in the entire existence of their program. Yay us. Congratulations Bama fans. You guys truly deserve it. It was one of the greatest offensive and defensive schemes I've ever seen a team have. I will be rooting for you guys to bring that Crystal ball back to the SEC where it belongs. I've always believed that Florida and Alabama have had a mutual respect rivalry and if there's one team I can stomach beating Florida it's you guys. You have my support and congratulations again guys.
  11. Thanks Jesus, you played the shittiest game you've ever played in your life.
  12. SEE YA CHARLIE STRONG!! Hope you get the **** out of Gainesville by next year. Hopefully you're coaching Louisville or Virginia next year, because I ******* sure don't want to see you on Florida's sideline next year. You have 22 players at your disposal from the one of the best defenses you've ever had in the entire history of the program and you ******* choke on the most gigantic weener you can possibly find during the most important game of the last 10 years. Thanks for your service Charlie, see ya on the flip side *****.
  13. No it won't. TCU has a defense, Florida apparently doesn't. TCU also has an offense, which Florida hasn't had all year. Plus, who gives a **** about a consolation prize? I congratulate Alabama and wish them luck in their journey for a National Title. Bring it home to the SEC Bama. McElroy>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Tebow
  14. The best team is definitely winning this game. They're better on defense, they're better on offense, they're better on special teams, and they're better on the coaching staff. They've completely dominated every facet of this game and deserve all the praise that they can possibly get. ROLL TIDE ROLL. Win that National Title Alabama. So much for Tebow being Jesus. Congrats on your last SEC Championship Game Tebow, you stunk up the joint.
  15. I'm PRAYING that TCU doesn't completely destroy us in the Sugar Bowl, even though I KNOW with every ounce of my being that they will. Congratulations Bama, you guys are clearly the best team in the nation.
  16. I'm done. I ******* hate this team. Roll Tide. Get that National Title back to the SEC Bama, we'll be rooting for you.
  17. Congratulations Alabama. Great gameplan by the offense and Kirby Smart's defense was ******* amazing. Go and get that BCS National Title and bring it back to the SEC for the 4th straight year.
  18. I seriously feel like I'm watching Georgia right now. We literally can't stop a single thing on defense. It's embarrassing and I'm ashamed to be a fan right now.
  19. Alabama >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Florida. I take back everything I've said all year long. Alabama's coaches and players are better than anyone we have on our team. ******* absolutely sickening. If we lose this game I hope we lose it by 14 TDs so it will wake this team up. OHHHHHH YEAH THE MEDIA LOVES US SO THAT MEANS WE WILL AUTOMATICALLY BEAT ALABAMA. OH YEAH JESUS CRHIST PLAYS QUARTERBACK FOR OUR TEAM, SO THAT MEANS WE'RE BETTER! I'm sick right now.
  20. I'm ******* completely mystified. I just don't understand. I have not seen a Gator defense this terrible since 07. **** THIS TEAM!
  21. Well then he'll pretty much have the same exact effect he's had this entire season.
  22. 3 and out to start the first half. 3 and out to start the second half. Man, our ******* offense rocks the ****. **** you Adazzio, you're worthless.
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