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  1. That’s because BB doesn’t have a set scheme. He finds the strengths of his players and molds his strategies based upon that. It’s why he’s on a completely different planet than every other coach in the league. Game planning for him has to be an absolute b1tch.
  2. I tend to wonder if there's some sort of standoff going on between Freeman and Bell to see who flinches and sets the market. Now, Freeman isn't quite as good as Bell, but I can't help but think that they're watching each other's respective situations so they can play off of each other. Ultimately, I'd be surprised if Freeman saw 8m per year from us. He might get that on the open market, though. I'm of the opinion that teams don't value RBs like they once did, and RBs just won't be able to get the money that they used to see. However, there are several teams out there that have been without a good RB for several years in a row, and you can see how it limits them. Maybe they'll jump at the chance to fork out 10mil per year like I'm assuming Leveon wants. I like Freeman as much as just about any player on this team, but I feel like the offensive scheme makes him an expendable commodity. ZBS have always been good for a running game. Find a guy with decent vision and you've got a guy that can run for 1600+ yards as a rookie (looking at you Alfred Morris). Plus, the team has been absolutely killing the draft, lately. I actually trust that they'd be able to find a guy next year.
  3. This is exactly it. He calls the spade what it is. I love Bomani - the only reason I ever turn on ESPN, and he makes valid points. The Braves owned 90s baseball but couldn't close the deal except that one glorious time. The Falcons have a documented history of being good, not great. The Hawks can't do anything, and the city lost their NHL team. If you have a problem with Bomani's observations about atl sports, you're in denial about the truth of it. Things seem to be taking a turn for the Falcons and that's been really refreshing.
  4. I wasn't honking of one from training camp, but that's pretty nice.
  5. Kind of a non-sequitur but does anybody have the gif or video showing Trufant's crazy hip fluidity? Thanks in advance.
  6. Shelby is a guy that gets overlooked because he got injured early in the year. It's nice to hear that he might be coming back stronger. He was really starting to look decent, once he got settled into his role. This team might legitimately be overloaded with DL talent, going into 2017, and I can think of worse problems to have.
  7. Leff is the type of guy that you sign to the PS, tell him to put on 10-15 of muscle over the course of the year, while developing his fundamentals, then bring in the following year to truly compete for a roster spot, somewhere on the line.
  8. If we let Gabriel walk next year, it's gonna suck asss. He's just the type of guy Belichick would sign.
  9. It wouldn't hurt my feelings one bit if we re-structructured Bosher to lock him up for the rest of his career. He's been about as good as we could've asked him to be. 5 mil is def too much, but just give him enough money to stay for a few more years.
  10. It is, and I'm not really one to argue that Ryan is better than Brees, but let's not act like Bree's isn't known for gratuitously padding his stats. NO will be up by 17 with 1:57 left in the game and they'll throw the ball on 1st down.
  11. Holy shlt. You guys went 14-0 and couldn't seal the deal on the perfect record? Who the **** beat you? You guys were so good in 2015, it's hard to imagine a team good enough to actually get a win against that tough defense. What team was it that won that game?
  12. +1 if I could. Anybody thinking a corporation - especially a publicly traded entity - operates under the theory that it's trying to make life better for its employees, is being willfully ignorant of things like the graph BO posted. AA did a great thing for its employees, but you can rest assured knowing other corporations saw that drop and took note.
  13. You can go ahead and add a few reps to the bench press if he was working out with a torn labrum in his shoulder. I tore mine back in 09 and my bench dropped by a bout 20%. It can be painful if you're active. I tore mine (coincidentally) doing bench press. I was playing softball for a rec league at the time and noticed I started getting severe tendinitis in my elbow in what I could only assume was my body overcompensating. Not trying to totally detract from Tak's somewhat "lackluster" combine numbers - just noting that an injury like that can throw off your game.
  14. Eh, Willis has most the physical tools you want in a DE - stuff you can't really teach. Put him on the DL and let Young and Quinn do their thing. Wouldn't surprise me if he were gone by 31, though.
  15. Ha. I was wondering if you were gonna post the results over here. That was actually pretty enjoyable. I wasn't there much after first round, but I figured you had it put together.
  16. It's not just the early picks. Campbell, Poole, Jarret, and Hooper have all played well. DQ can build a roster from anywhere in the draft.
  17. I have a feeling we'll be looking at OG with one of our first two picks.
  18. I could go for this. I have a feeling that TD and Quinn are already going to draft a guy that'll be there a few picks later. If Cleveland were to (somehow) get on board, I think this could work out for both sides. However, with Cleveland's current FO, I don't see it happening.
  19. I'm not saying he'd take a pay cut, I'm saying the only way he's worth signing is if he were to take a significant pay cut.
  20. The 2017 roster will be better than the 2016 roster that made it there. HeII, they didn't have Tru or Shelby during our playoff run and they added one of the best DTs in the game, with Poe. Plus, the young guys got a ton of invaluable experience playing that deep into the playoffs Assuming they hit on at least one or two of the draft picks (recent history suggests they will), the 2017 roster will be notably better. Personally, I can't wait to see how the defense looks.
  21. Agree here. The deal would have to be zero risk and low cost. Something like a vet min with minimum guarantee - which he won't take. So, while it's unlikely that they're even considering a move like this, you'd be foolish to turn him away on an extremely friendly deal, especially if he were to make the 53. If that were to happen, we could all be confident that he would've earned it. I also agree that the coaching staff has put themselves in a position to really train guys to play at a decently high level. We haven't seen that for quite a while and it's really refreshing.
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