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  1. Well, DQ gets final say on the roster, but I can't help but feel like TD had a play in this. Either way, it's fcking laughable. Dudes a straight clown.
  2. I refuse to stand by and let you verbally abuse Baseketball. That movie had 1000s of plays in my house, as a kid. I have that entire movie memorized. But it is kind of dated, so I could understand why you might not find it very funny, now.
  3. I think it's safe to say that we can all trash our Biermann memorabilia.
  4. I'm kind of uppity when it comes to sauces. Not a fan of Kraft stuff, myself. I've actually been experimenting with just making my own stuff from scratch. Much more enjoyable and usually tastes pretty good, too. I'm on the cusp on making a BBQ sauce that might be the best I've ever tasted. Some of the ingredients include country time lemonade mix, crown royal, and a roasted red pepper and jalapeno puree. It's great mix of smoky, tangy, sweet, spicy, and savory. Still in the early stages of development, though.
  5. Seriously, if you aren't doing anything tonight, just take the 100 minutes (or whatever) and sit through it. I was glued after 10 minutes.
  6. Check out the move "Muscle Shoals" on netflix. Don't read the synopsis or anything, just go watch it. Damm good movie.
  7. Vet min only. Otherwise, no. We have far too many holes elsewhere, to be worrying about yet another RB.
  8. That is always a fun one. I love when I get calls from old acquaintances trying to get free advice on copyright/patent law, because think they have the next big "thing".
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