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  1. Hopefully Alex Gray surprises us and develops into a decent TE lol
  2. If that were the case, a 2nd interview would be overkill. He's being seriously considered imo.
  3. Can't really count that game as they were resting their starters, but you would think they'd be able to muster some points at home, regardless.
  4. LMAO! Oddly enough, the Hawks do play in LA twice in the next few days. But still....
  5. We've only really faced a Wade Phillips defense twice since he left Dallas. 2011 (a 17-10 loss to Houston) and last year (a 23-16 win @ Denver). I'm not overly concerned.
  6. He works for the Rams. For real.
  7. I'm originally from Albany too and for that reason I'd be ok with the Jags winning. Otherwise, I'll have little interest.
  8. What am I missing? Savannah is clearly in the red (Falcons) area on that map. Brunswick and Waycross are not so lucky, though...
  9. He's just saying it happens sometimes. It hasn't happened since October and won't happen this week. You'd be surprised though. There are a lot of counties that butt up against Florida who miss out on Falcons games because of the Jags and sometimes the Bucs. And then you have these poor folks near Chattanooga who are having issues. Glad yall can see our boys play this week!
  10. No, no it did not. Are you kidding me? That's the TEAM'S fault, not the fans'. Besides, not a lot of ppl on here are thinking it'll be easy. They're just saying we should win, which is true. We have the better team.
  11. I know right!? What we say/feel as fans affects how the team plays on the field! /s
  12. If Keith Armstrong is ushered out the door with Roberts, then hail yes.
  13. It's up now. Coleman didn't practice. Neither did Levitre (expected) and Clayborn.
  14. Where do you see an injury report? I only see last week's on the website.
  15. In 3-way (or 4 or 5) ties for the wildcard, the division placement would be the 1st tiebreaker between everyone and the head-to-head stuff initially goes out the window. If we're 3rd in our division and everyone else is 2nd in theirs.....we're out. (I guess the Panthers and Falcons being tied in the above scenario would be counted as 3rd place and not 2nd? Idk) This is why we MUST win out and avoid 3-way+ ties for the wildcard. I don't have time for us to be eliminated just because we have a tough division. But if we can't do that, beating the Panthers is a top priority due to the wacky tiebreakers. The NFC is nuts this year...