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  1. https://929thegame.radio.com/articles/mckay-united-falcons-will-play-under-open-roof-mbs-2018 We'll see though...
  2. That makes this, what, 3 or 4 times straight we've played them in December whenever we go there?
  3. Seems to be the case for much of our playoff run.
  4. Sheesh. Are we sliding into a scoring drought already? Nevermind, thanks Millsap
  5. Except we won one already when he was starting, so.....
  6. The logical side of me says he won't be very effective. The abused Atlanta fan side of me says he goes on a tear and embarrasses us, showing us what it really means to be #TruetoAtlanta - a disappointment.
  7. Have they had much of a chance yet? I feel like if I say "Well they did it all season" you'd say, "well that's the regular season, this is the playoffs." Then if I say "Well they closed it out against Brooklyn last round" you'd say, "Well they aren't a 'quality' team." So to save all of that, I'll just say you need to give them a chance to show you.
  8. Except they won't. These people were no where to be found when we closed out the series Saturday. SMH
  9. You could at least wait until a possible 3rd or 4th loss to start making statements like this... Jeez.
  10. That 2nd half was God-awful, but I'm not stressin yet. I am concerned about the long scoring droughts though. This is NOT the first time this has happened in the last 2 weeks
  11. Al doing this on national TV
  12. This. Get it together Al!
  13. Christ. There's yet another starter we'll be without.
  14. So now it'll be because of the refs too? Ok. At this point, it really just seems like people like you are reaching for reasons the Hawks won't succeed. It's always gonna be something.
  15. Overall, America still thinks Cleveland is the favorite in the East, but I am surprised we're even this close: http://espn.go.com/espn/fp/flashPollResultsState?sportIndex=nba&pollId=4734816