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  1. I would think it would be a sign and place thing though. Never thought he had the grades
  2. UGA could be getting a pretty good WR commit Monday at 2:45... we'll have to wait and see I really hope Owens decides to back out of his commitment. The other guys are just at a whole other level. Unless he moves to TE and bulks up, he wont see the field at UGA
  3. What would you say that means in the log run? Is one more Pro UGA?
  4. Hopefully we'll be seeing him often, very soon. What do you think of McFadden coming in? Seemed to me like a huge FSU lean, you never know though when they are on campus. Our Depth has to be intriguing to him
  5. Nice get for the Oline! We really need to start producing more top lineman in the SEC
  6. Just doesnt make sense... Look at our S depth and look at what everyone else has....
  7. Rico could be de-committing soon. Hearing Bama
  8. Could we see Bobo stay as an Assistant HC or HC in waiting? He has really gotten a lot better in these recent years, and I would hate to lose him. He is a QB Guru Also pretty interesting that Kirby isnt even listed...
  9. If I see what you're seeing, that prediction happened in January. From what I've seen, he's all Dawg
  10. Do we stick with Vasser? It was an odd commit to began with IMO
  11. Ahh thanks, I didnt see when he committed
  12. Hey, does anyone know how solid Demetris Robertson is with Bama in 16'?
  13. I love this part "There is no one to compare Cleveland to at the same stage because I've never seen such an impressive physical specimen at his age. He's only 15 and could easily pass for an NFL lineman in uniform getting off the bus."
  14. A&M over South Carolina... Yes please
  15. I could really see our class ending with Abernathy Slayton Thompson Roundtree Patrick Allen Ledbetter Huggins Roquan Smith Stanley Donte Jackson (another OL) Hopefully: Sweat
  16. I know its 2 years away but is Eason thinking about being an EE?
  17. I think Shaquile Wilson will commit and maybe Ledbetter will flip tonight.
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