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  1. The Braves have traded starting right-handed pitcher Tommy Hanson to the Anaheim Angels for relief pitcher Jordan Walden. It frees up about $4 million to pursue a left fielder, which is the reason for the deal.

    Hanson, 26, was 45-32 with a 3.61 ERA in four seasons but had injury problems. Walden, 25, had 32 saves and was an All-Star as the team’s closer in 2011 but had one save in 45 appearances last season. He likely would become another arm in the bullpen as setup reliever.

  2. This team has a way of getting your blood pressure up , I don't know if its coaching or what but I wish they would put a solid game together .

    I mean its crazy that they can't play a solid all around game where the whole team is clicking , the running game the passing and the D . They leave so many points on the field in just about every game that game last night should have been a blow out .

  3. Wow the cowgirls are getting they're a-s handed to them on a platter . wonder if oh Jerry will make some major changes to that team after the season . I thought they're defensive coach garinteed a win today just like he did against the Falcons. He is as much hype as the owner and the rest of the clowns in that origination .

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