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  1. Again. . .

    it aint about the loss brother. . .its the way WE lost as well as the problems we have had over the past several games with the offense

    Amen ! if we had went toe toe from start to finish then I wouldn't be concerned but when you have 35 total yards at the break and don't see that as a problem then you are delusional our just blind .

    This team was not prepared at all and it showed .

    When was the last time this team has given a full team effort on both sides of the ball ?

    If they plan to win in the post season then they better stat playing with effort on both sides of the ball or its one and done again I'm afraid .

  2. Roll eyes !!! This loss is the best thing that could happen , Wow how many times have I heard that and then the team continues on the same path doing the same stupid things before . Smitty hasn't a clue how to prepare a team for the play offs it's on him . Has he came out with that stupid saying yet ?What is it resilient . That's his answer for everything .

  3. Not surprised peter kink is a D-ck screw the media. the Falcons record speaks for it self . I was over on fox sports and seen where they blamed the refs for the 49's loss and making excuses bla bla bla how the niners should of could of won . we as fans of the falcons need to get used to getting the cold shoulder when it comes to the media saying anything good about the Falcons.

  4. Pass, the Falcons need to stick with the draft and healthy players that will be available in free agency . Long will demand big bucks and who knows how he will respond after such a drastic injury just too many question marks .

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