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  1. It's all laid back on the saints FO now but either way the saints players involved may have won for now but in the long run the saints organization will be paying way after Vilma and company are gone . They should have told Vilma to keep his pie hole closed and take the punishment and let this go away . I bet Vilma will not play a down after the saints gig is up .all the owners have seen the side show of lawyers he has been sporting around and want no part of that . I hope fighting for those few games was worth his career. .

  2. The players now know that if you lawyer up you can get your rulings overturned good for them,The punishment should have be place strictly on the organization and should be from now on after all it was the owners employes who instigated the whole thing .I'm not a saints fan by all means and not saying what the saints players did was right but as far as the ultimate guilty party it was the employer and that was the FO of the Saints .they should be the ones punished 100 %

  3. Peyton are you watching the MNF game? They just put a stat up that the Patriots run 1 offensive play ever 25 seconds. That's the fastest pace in the NFL. Mike Smith would have a dam heart attack if the Falcons were to ever get to that kind of pace on a consistent basis. That's one of the ways Mike Smith is conservative.

    Also getting a lead by 3 or 10 points and then just sitting on it is the most conservative thing he does. Sure the Falcons have a great record in those games but if it wouldn't be nearly that good if it weren't for all the Matt Ryan miracle comebacks. Matt Ryan makes the Falcons record look a lot better than it would be with the way Smitty calls a game with the lead.

    Well spoken my friend .Matt Ryan has bailed Smitty's azz out of the fire so many times its almost become second nature . this team shouldn't be in close games against inferior opponents to began with . The medi is right 'look at our schedule and tell me why we shouldn't have cruised thru those teams and didn't .instead we barly squeak by and needed miracles to win most of them , i give credit where credit is due two or three games we won with out some last min heroics but for the most part we won by the seat of our pants and lots of luck -Matt Ryan and the will of this team .

  4. I find these types of threads no better than the threads about which you are complaining. . . . .

    You are complaining just like everyone else. Intelligent discussion involves debate. I have no problem with threads and posts being created with which I disagree. That is healthy debate among fans. There are some ridiculous things out there BUT that is not the norm. There are only about a handful of nutty fans here talking out of their emotions. . mixed in with a few Saints fans masquerading as Falcons fans.

    For the most part, I came here to engage intelligent, thought-provoking debate. I can understand fans venting their frustration. That is apart of being HUMAN and apart of being a FANATIC. I can also understand the concern due to the eerily similar vibe we have been getting from the Falcons over the past 4 or 5 games; especially on offense. Same ole story many feel. Same ole movie many claim. Can you blame them?

    None of us can see the future. We can only judge by what we have been seeing. I do not agree with alot of the criticism, but I also do not agree with what seems to be the same things I heard in 2010 and 2011.

    But we are 13-3

    But we are in the playoffs

    But we are playing the lowly Giants

    But we defeated the Packers earlier this season

    But we are playing at home

    But we have the 1 seed

    like I say, I DONT agree with some of the criticism BUT I DONT agree with the premise of threads like these either.

    My sentiments as well . We all don't look at things thru the same glasses ,

    So for some one to tell another fan your wrong and your not this or that and call them Names is just flat out wrong we all have options and not any one of them are the same so can we debate and respect each others opions and stop the hate and discontent .

  5. Oh, because I thought that last post implied that what happens in the playoffs is what ultimitely matters. And I agree.

    Don't worry, the Falcons are still going to get that 1st round bye. Not a problem.

    I sure hope your right .we shall see I feel it is one advantage we have is to play at home . But you never know look at last year.

  6. Agreed. The problem is people are fine with us just being what we are right now. Which is a good regular season team. They compare the past to now and just go with "Well, it could always be worse like the old days." No, how about we think BIGGER than just having a CUTE RECORD.

    Yep you hit it on the head . I'm a competitor it's just my nature and when I see people who settled for mediocrity it drives' me crazy .

  7. It wasn't meaningless it was a game whether anyone believes it or not of importance for the next step to get HFA and a 1st round by . but it's ok with the coom by ya crowd we have this in the bag . we will beat the G men and the Bucs not a problem and if all fails we can pat ourselves ion the back and sing coom by ya together because we are the NFCS champs and we can settle for that .

  8. It's good to see that some are ok with being paper champions . I can respect that . but why settle for mediocrity ? when you could have the Lombardi ! 16 - 0 doesn't mean squat if you don't win it all .and second place is the first looser . I bet Dan Marino would trade all of those paper championships for a Lombardi in a heart beat.

    The one number that counts and says who you are as a team is how many Super Bowls you have and until you can say you have one. the bragging and boasting about the regular Swanson e- relevant numbers mean squat .

  9. . Win the line of scrimmage give the offense time to develop plays

    . Take advantage of opportunity as it presents it self IE score in the red zone

    . Create turn overs

    . Play fundamental football tackle tackle and tackle

    .pressure Manning keep him out of the pocket .

    . Stop the tide ends from making plays

    underneath that's his bread and butter .

    . Play 60 min of solid football .



  10. Listen this was the falcons year to make a statement . We have players retiring after the season we have players with contracts coming up with Big cap numbers tied to them it's going to be a off season of major importance with lots of question marks to be answered and the NFCS is very competitive and I feel this was our make or break year and if we blow it could be years of wasted opportunity .

  11. Yeah let's just play to be the reg season champs ! Maybe if we all got a petition together and mailed it to Roger up in the NFL big house he would come out with a new trophy for us the reg season champs.. Who knows he might name it after the falcons .

    Numbers hum ok let's talk numbers how many post season games has Smitty won zero zilch nota . We shall see but if he continues to come out and play passive football like history has shown from him then I expect unlike him the same results . Hope I'm wrong but we shall see .

  12. Until He stops trying to be cool and starts acting like a coach that's not taking s-it off no body he should be referred to as Mr Rogers. I swear the guy has no fire and is more nervous on the side lines than a honey bear in a nest of bees.

    So what if he's the winningest coach ever for this team are you willing to settle for winning records vs a championship.? If he can't get us over the hump this year with attest a W in the post season then maybe it's time for change .

    I could be all wrong about Mr Rogers it might not be his fault it could be that the players aren't that great and they should be evaluated at the end of the season and trades and cuts need to happen.

    But we have talent on this team it's just the when and the way they are being used that's the problem and ultimately that's on the HC .


    What I witnessed today was one thing: that this team seriously lacks the killer instinct when it comes to facing opponents...period.

    A team talks trash about you throughout the entire week...gametime comes and what do you do?? Prove them right. That sh*t is unacceptable man. As a team, you RESPOND. I'm pissed if I'm 11-1 and a player from a rival team says my squad is inferior to his 3-9 team. I'm coming out ready to stick my foot up your a** plain and simple. I saw NONE of that today...and sad to say, it all starts with Mike Smith. He's just a passive coach and I believe it rubs off on the players. There was no drive, no fire, no "I'm a show your a** what an 11-1 team is, then once we're done with you, we'll let our reserves finish you off" type of attitude. We got absolutely NOTHING. It almost erases the win against the Saints...this is why we're the way we are as fans because it's hard to have confidence in a team who allows another team to ridicule them in the media, then justify it by whooping their a** on TV. The mediocrity is starting to get frustrating...if the Falcons don't somehow grow some da*n balls before the postseason, we WILL (and you can quote me on this) be one and done.

    Sick of this sh*t man...I love this team too much and to see them turn into a bunch of ******* on Sunday is some bullsh*t.

    Amen Brother . The team is a reflection if its coach and we have Mr Rogers teaching them how to tie they're shoes in practice instead of how to use that shoe to kick A- - and take names

    I've seen this trend coming for the last few years and you reap why you sow . Some on these boards members are happy and content about winning in regular season but it shows what your team and its" leaders are made of when they roll over year after year like little puppy dogs .

    The one player that showed passion and has that kick A - - attitude was Tony G . he gets it and he knows they were taken to the woodshed yesterday .

  14. I respect everyone's options about this team " but on the other hand it shouldn't be a one way street .I should be able to insert my options no matter what they maybe good bad or in different .

    as a fan oif this team for decades i sure don't need a MSG board jockey telling me that I'm not a fan because I don't see the team thru the same colored glasses as him .

    Every person has a different way of grieving and some associate that with loss of a loved one or friend but it does accrue in sports as well .so please stop all the judging of who's a fan and who's not ! There isn't one person on this board that has a right to judge any of us .

  15. LOL. . . I dont know what al of this means, but I agree with the self-righteous bit. We have some fans who harbor "hoier than thou" fandom. You are no better than I.

    Granted, there are SOME. . .like less than ten people, . . . here who are clearly trying to stir up discontent, but they are far and few between. If ANY FAN calls him or herself a fan, they would exercise their right to get upset and be concerned about our performance today against this team at this point in the season. you are no more a fan than I am. I dont spend my emotions over this team just to ridicule and bash them

    No, the fact that I get so upset after a performance like this is further proof that I want what's best for the team . . . .

    Fans criticize their team when their team falls short of their potential. . . plain and simple. . . We are seeing the same movie that we have seen two times before already. Our disappointment and concern are warranted. It'll be different if this was one game. . . . Thing is. . .our offense has been inept for several games in a row now, which people overlooked because we won. They wrote it off as "being able to win different ways" . . . . not several games in a row.

    If you criticize the team. . .you are a troll, bandwagon fan, fairweather fan, crybaby, etc. No, I am a fan. Why the helll would I be getting upset over the Falcons performance and why the helll would I be discussing it on a message board witha bunch of people I dont even know if I did not care about the team

    Everyone takes things differently. Its no different than with this. Everyone is not like me and everyone is not like you. Different stroke for different folks. I have no problem with you disagreeing with me NOR do I have a problem if your opinion differs from mine BUT please spare me this jive challenging my fanhood AND PLEASE STOP WITH THE CHILDISH NAMECALLING BECAUSE YOU ARENT MATURE ENOUGH TO HANDLE SOMEONE'S OPINION THAT DIFFERS FROM YOURS.

    Please . . .. spare me!!!!

    What he said...... good read and well spoken ,

    I think as a fan you shouldn't set by and sing *** by ah in a circle and say all is good and everything will be all right when know better.

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