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  1. The NFL game is not a science I mean you can't bet on a team to play one style on a weekly basis . Look at any given team one week they blow out a team that they shouldn't and then the next week they get blown out by a bottom tier team . it's a people business injuries , emotions ,play a big part on how they perform .

  2. So he and his circle jerk buddy think that Bradshaw could have made that big of a difference in the game wow ! If that's the best he can come up with then the net work should be inbarrest to say the least to trot these clowns out for the NFL nation whom know better laugh they're ashes off while the turn the channel .

  3. The Falcons are in a good position . Grimes is not in any position to be asking for a lot .i just don't see him coming back as a falcon. the guys we have back their now are balling and doing a jam up job .i feel the falcons could use the funds of his contract to sign a true need and that would be a lineman on either Side of the ball .

  4. Disrespect ... OP you should invest in a dictionary your interpretation and Mr Webster 's are not even close . There's a big difference in fact and fiction and when Pat is talking facts it's not disrespect . I don't agree with everything the man writes but some I do .

    I am so tired of the disrespect drama going around its so childish .your action speaks for them self .when this team finally wins the big one it will happen .if notiritty is in the future so be it if not imi good with that as well . as a fan it's what and how you feel that matters not what the medias writes or doesn't write . But one thing is for sure this team does a good job with out all the bs that may come along with media hype . It's kinda cool flying under the radar and I bet he staff likes it as well .

  5. The "homers" and the "rose-colored" glasses folks are causing more discontent around here with all of these threads than the so-called pessimists, negative nancies, debbie downers, haters, trolls, etc.

    I don't ever recall Falcons faithful who criticized the team last week calling people out of their names, belittling people, telling them to leave the board, telling them to jump the wagon and join another team, etc. It seems to me the so-called trolls and haters and nanices are the ones willing to come together to engage intelligent debate.

    The "homers" are also the ones who seem to sway with the wind. . . . all of thse eat crow, i was wrong, fess up threads are becoming ridiculous and nauseating. I will not take back any criticism of the Falcons I said last week or eat any crow . .. . that is swaying with the wind, which I dont do.

    I am THRILLED with today's convincing win. . . havent seen this in a long time. .

    Words of wisdom , + 1

  6. I dont ever e

    I dont ever remember it being like this up until a few seasons ago. . .

    IT seems like calling games was more exciting back in the day . . I may be wrong

    Yes sir your correct . It used too be when you tuned into a game you got guys that called the game play by play at face value and kept you into the game with unbiased info about all the players on the field. god do I miss those days .i just wish they would hire real journalist whom went to collage and took this as they're profession ,not some jock that has an axe to grind against said team or from years past or friends on this or that team . The networks need to look into this and put a stop to it .

  7. Matty is coming of age and its awesome to see this team dig deep and come together after last week loss and make a statement as a unit . Gotta give credit to Tony Roddy Ryan and all the vets for the leadership they have given to the younger guys on the squad it shows what leadership can do . This was a game that we all knew that the falcons where capable of playing . all year and that we know that they can build on as they get ready for the post season . Go Falcons .................

  8. I have mixed emotions on this . own one hand it would give me more football to watch . But on the other hand I'm not sure I would like it for the fact it would water down the product and teams could just about skate thru the season and still have a chance at the Lombardi . just something to stew on for me anyways .

  9. I figure all of the decades I have put in as a Falcon fan has earned me the right to comment on this team in just about any manner I see fit.

    The day any Falcon fan feels like he or she needs to temper their remarks because of what one individual or group thinks will be a sad day indeed.

    Being critical of the team you follow doesn't in any way indicate a lack of devotion or fervor.

    I didn't sleep well Sunday night because of what I saw against the Panthers.

    Guess I'm still a fan.

    My sentiments exactly , and i would like to add a true fan is one who just doesn't show up on game day and fork over his money and excepts things

    as face value and have that what ever attitude everything is hunky dorey .when you spend a life time and your hard earned cash to support something then by gosh no one should have the right to tell you how you should feel . because they don't have a clue . Sorry for the rant .

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