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  1. The process. Yeah, well,...

    In 2008, we lost to the Cardinals in the playoffs. I never did mind that. We weren't supposed to be in the playoffs to begin with. It was like found money.

    In 2009 we missed the playoffs @ 9-7 with critical injuries, but got our first ever B2B winning seasons. Good job!

    In 2010, we were 13-3, #1 seed, HFA, all that ish,...got destroyed by a hot wild card GB team. At home.

    In 2011, we had to go to the Meadowlands and scored 2 points against the NYG's. 2 points. 24-2. 'Nuff Said.

    In 2012, we had the best record in the NFC and tied for the best record in the NFL. Finally won a playoff game, squeaking by Seattle in a game we tried our best to give away but failed. But we succeeded in the following game against San Fran by managing to give that game away. We had it, but we didn't want it. 28-24, San Fran.

    I thought I would be happy after the 'victory' over Seattle if we lost to San Fran, but I don't feel that way this morning. I'm pizzed. Ya know why? Because of HOW WE LOST!

    We're soft. We're as soft as a cupcake. Oh yeah, we've got lot's of talent and weapons, but we're softer than a newborn lamb. And while we often start out like a house on fire, we can't find the mojo in the 2nd half to put games away and destroy opponents, even when they're fully exposed. When we're lucky, we can manage a last second win over inferior opposition. Soft!

    Is it Matt Ryan?

    I don't think so. He's got a lot of dawg in him and I think he's a winner. He's bailed us out time and time again with his last minute heroics. Problem is, it often shouldn't have come to that. *cough* Seattle.*cough* Matty Ice is clutch, but he shouldn't have to carry the whole team and he can't.

    Turner hasn't been a lot of help lately save the Seattle game, but is it really his fault? He's been relegated to a supporting actor in a pass-happy league by a pass-happy coordinator.

    The D has been great at times, sucked at others. Nolan has been a step up for sure, but inconsistency is the name of that game. And outside of Abe, we can't generate a pass rush for the Love of Gawd! How many sacks did we get all year as a D? Maybe 8 total? We don't have a pass rush in this pass-happy league. Outside of Abe, we don't. John Abraham is our pass rush. Forget it.

    So what's the problem? We got Julio, Roddy, Gonzo (?), Ryan, Baker, Willy Mo, Spoon, Robinson, Asante, Peters, Abe, etc. We have a very nice line up! What is the ONE NAME that crops up repeatedly in these 5 years of playoff failure? Who is the one consistent?

    I hate to say it, I really do and thought I never would,....but his name is Mike Smith.

    Amen the guy is to layed back and doesn't have emotion during the game , the players follow a coaches lead if he's fired up then so are they . I don't think we will ever win it all with Smitty . we need a young coach with some grit and fire .that gets a lead and knows what to do with it .sorry but how many times have we seen the script with Smitty at the helm get a lead and then scratch and claw our way to a win . With the talent we had on this team we should be on our way to NO without a doubt . SF isn't all that Smitty took over the game as always and blew it . Smitty is not the answer. he'll anyone could have won with the line up of talent on this team they just needed to be coached up to keep them focused .and Smitty isn't that guy.

  2. What do you expect from the jags no matter whom owns the team . that team makes knee jerk decisions one after another . Any coach that puts his name in the hat for a position on that team is not looking out for his family or his future .

  3. I'll say the Falcons did have a easy schedule but that doesn't mean they can't beat any team put in front of them and I expect them to prove that in 2 1/2 weeks.

    I actually think the Broncos had a easier schedule than we did he11 there best wins are against the Bangles and Ravens the rest are bums and scrubs that won sniff the post season. Anyway look at the love there getting its all about who you are the media loves sucking that tit

    Denver did have a easier schedule than the Falcons but they have wonder boy at QB and Lord knows the media will prop him up come h-ll or high water . I bet the media gives him come back player of the year over AP if it does that will be BS .

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