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  1. yea most of the guys are fickel win every ones great lose every one stinks. the falcons are my team thru thick and thin and we are getting better every day,i have seen nothing but progress and they impress me with the product the put on the field. were not the automatic win on others schedule like befor it could be worse look at the poor lions fans. go falcons=============

  2. come on bigflip you did'nt exspect anything different from some of the arm chair coach's , if we win every player is a pro bowler and smitty is coach of the year and if we lose evry player needs to be cut and the coach dosn't know squat.all i have to say is i'm proud of this staff and all the players, go falcons--------------------------------

  3. Listen guys yes the defense had a bad day,But thats going to happen from time to time. look around the leauge on any team and you'll find teams with great defense's have off days for instance pittsburg but they got lucky today and pulled one out in the last minute.the cowboys had 6 sacks and played better and should have won. i don't think we played that bad look at the stats for the game. its was a good game it was;nt our day.go falcons-----------------------------

  4. i agree 100% this is fun to watch win or lose ,some think inside the box that we were suppose to contend for the supper bowl,But if you would think out side the box were a draft and a few free agents away still yet. Im still inspired by the way they hang in week in and week out. thank you every falcon player thats on this team.go falcons---------------------------

  5. I don't get it the same ones who prase this team as the greatest thing since sliced bread after a win are the ones that are now bashing every aspect of this team. come on everybody inhale exhale the skys not falling were going hit bumps in the road from time to time.This is a young team that i've love to cher for and dam proud of.go falcons------------------------------

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