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  1. the pro bowl really is becoming a disscrace to the players that truly leave it all on the field on sundays ,and to hand it to the i'm the most popular and media darlens of the nfl is what it's come to. were going see the mannings year in year out reguardless and bret far even if he played in a wheel chair . it's a crying shame.go falcons===================

  2. The only reason those dush bags are here is because there's no one on their boards that knows sh-t about football so they come here for lessons . Maybe we can teach them what a real team and it's fan base are all about. screw the inbreads!! GO FALCONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. TURNER right TURNER right they could't do shot . turner made them look silly , But again it's not hard to make the yucs look silly. Hey boonbaneer what hapened to your brome did your mom take it back so she could sweep out RJS. with it as it seems ya'll be home for the holiday's ha ha------------

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