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  1. Yeah just like a bunch of children racing for the candy store! There just here to start an uproar with fans of this team. but what would exspect from a bunch of frozen rednecks.If you haven't been to min. then you wouldn't understand.trust me.

  2. hey viking fan it must be nice to have a judge to make sure you win on sundays. i guess if we beat you he's going to protest it and tell the nfl that we cheated and that by default you win. what a joke with all the real problems that needs taking care of he's sticking is nose into sports. i guess he claimed his spot on the party boat ,ha ha.GO FALCONS=============================

  3. It's like this they haven't been paying attention our team is on a mission and no one i mean no can stop us . when we've been written off in every game but some how we've been in a position to win every game. so you frozen brain viking fans look at the tapes they don't lie be scared be very scared. matt and company will show you whats up and watch out for our defense mr abe and company are pi$$ed off .your poor ol qb is going to have a long day.

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