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  1. Get a lawyer he will keep it off your record by pleaing to a lessor penalty with the judge . plus you never have to appear he will do all the work for you. trust me 25 over is reckless driving and you don't want that on you record.

  2. You know you have arrived when others hate . Matty and the falcons have arrived. screw espn if it wern't for them getting imformation off the internet they wouldn't have a channel on tv. they suc. GO FALCONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I live in jacksonville and the jags fans wish they would have made coach smith head coach insted of jack, but they are paying the price now, and will be the in the cellar of the afc south for years to come .they went from a # 1 defense with smith to a # 23rd with out him. got to hand it to thomas he made the rite choice.GO FALCONS=================================

  4. Your not alone dude there were alot fans just as your self who watched with a worry eye knowing that any game could lead to a long streak of losses , But as the games went by they seem to notice something different about this team , that teams of the past didn't have and that was theirs no i on this team ,and they play and support one another and 100% and belive they can play with any team on sundays.now WE BELIVE GO FALCONS----------------------------------------------------------------------------

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