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  1. At the rate that the dbs are flying off the board, I doubt he would have made it.
  2. Read my mind.. campbell was soft. This dude is not
  3. Tbh, being able to learn under Gronk is probably the best thing that could have happened to him... oozes Potential but something isn’t clicking for him to maximize his potential. That goes all the way back to bama.. this is someone that should be the best TE in football based on talent.
  4. I was mostly speculating who I felt would be available when we pick, not necessarily who I wanted the falcons to select. As far as the question purposed, I would say he offers more polish, football instincts, a higher floor, consistency maybe. It’s clear he isn’t the athlete cominsky is but that doesn’t mean he won’t be as productive or even more productive at the next level. Expensa is probably a player that will play in the nfl forever, be a great rotation guy and hover around 6 sacks a year.
  5. With all the talent still available i can see a guy like A.J Espensa to us.
  6. I don’t understand the love affair with hurts. This dude struggles throwing the ball and that’s putting it nicely.
  7. Whether you like him or not, he is the best cb on the team.
  8. We literally could have drafted chase young at 16 and people would still complain... let’s see how the rest of the draft pans out.
  9. Look at it this way.. we were taking a cb anyway. I’d rather select Terrell at 16 than trade draft picks to move up and select Henderson or okudah
  10. I’m game but they need to trade down if able
  11. Ruggs.. let’s get those shootouts going.
  12. It’s going to cost a lot but I would be okay with a trade up for young. If feels like we haven’t had anyone who can get to the qb consistently for 10 years plus years.
  13. If the QBs in our division consistently get the ball out of their hands before the rush has a remote chance of getting to him, then it absolutely does matter who we have in coverage.. With that said, I’d love another anchor on the line.
  14. I see both arguments with wanting to take a DT or a CB.. we are in a division with Brees, Brady and teddy where these QBs will get the ball out of their hands before our line has a chance to come close to them, so we need cb who can jump the short routes but be able to flip the hips, turn and recover if needed... then I see how the 9ers built their DL and that’s intriguing too.
  15. Frankly a cb tackling, or not tackling, is not of high concern to me.. I want my **** down cb to be able to cover first and foremost.. I’d were relying on our cb to act as a lb, then we have massive problems in our front 8. You can teach him to funnel runners into defenders anyway. I’m by no means a scout and shared a lot of the same sentiments about Henderson but I watched tape, other than “highlights” last night and I see why he is highly regarded. He is excellent in coverage. Quick feet, turn and run, speed.. I still like okudah more but I would not be the least bit upset if we moved up for Henderson
  16. I’m okay with the compensation.. we can always move down a little in the second to recover picks.
  17. All of this could have been avoided had we not won all those meaningless games at the end of the season.. with that said, as long as we’re not trading that high to draft Henderson then I’m okay with it. A trade up is likely to happen, so I’ll just prepare myself it
  18. I’d love if we can get him for a second and maybe a draft pick next year.. then we can trade down from 16 to recoup or stay put and select A DL, LB or CB
  19. Please let Henderson go before okudah. That way we don’t have to trade up as far to select the correct top cb in the draft.
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