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  1. Maybe as we get closer to the release date?
  2. This
  3. Yeah, kind of what I thought too
  4. I came across this while searching the web... just click, “ new falcons logo/uniform concepts.”
  5. Well I certainly think these are better than our current uniforms, I would be a little disappointed if these were the uniforms. I find them to be slightly underwhelming..
  6. One fact we know, is that we have 4 color options. I would imagine they’re, black, red, white and grey
  7. I’m starting to get this feeling too... I was hoping for some sort of throw back made modern but now I think it’s going to be similar to the Jets, Titian’s, Seattle, but with our colors of course
  8. If it is gold, I don’t think it will be a primary color more of an accent color..
  9. Hahaha I was thinking the same thing... Maybe gold
  10. This.. please this..
  11. I am little more optimistic after reading this.
  12. I think at this point we kind of have to keep him, seeing as how we declined to trade him at the trade deadline and receive actual compensation for him..
  13. This please
  14. basically it means we are drafting bud dupree now.