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  1. Past Sunday vs Arizona I woke up after putting in my 6 days at the restaurant ready to watch the Falcons on Directv. Went out to pick up a sunday meal and drinks and ended up locking my keys in the car when I arrived back home. I couldnt get back in my house without the key and my wife was at work so I put all my groceries under my car and began running the three miles to the nearest sports bar. I realize this is easy for some but its a tall task for me but kept thinking about the plays I was missing which would inspire me to keep trucking it down the main road. I show up stinking and dripp
  2. Seems people missed the point youre making which is a great one. I think bout it quite a bit as for the most part Ive been able to enjoy a football Sunday since Ryan got here cause he wins lots of games and usualy pulls out the close ones to put in simply. If the Falcons were going to have to unexpectedly rebuild it was the perfect year. This year being the first year to challenge it since he was drafted. Could even backtrack post 2005 or year 1 AR, What if they had to pick between V. Young, Leinert, or Cutler in 06. RUSSELL OR QUINN! 1 year before or maybe go D and take Kolb or Stanton in rou
  3. Haven't been around any more for the most popular reason, too many trolls but I do love that stick so I will start voting this Year Starting now. ****, I think the last thread I started was called something like save the hickry stick and stayed up all night with everyone goin nuts bout the Supes Situation. Anyways I would vote Matt but want it to count so I'm taking the MVP approach over most outstanding player and locking in WILL.
  4. does he have a no trade clause hence pick where he wants to go although I guess he doesnt have that much leverage since Gmen would rather just keep him for 5 mil, if so OSI chooses home, do the right thing everyone
  5. I think you forgot one or two teams. You only win if they actually end up on a team you didnt name and then I take your prize away.
  6. Nuts, this new thread bout MJ12 rolling to the Vikes will sway peoples vote. Im not sharing the prize with anyone
  7. Im not feeling KC, TD prob let his boy know to steer clear. I always liked the guy, we just should never drafted him. Raiders I can see actually, how did we not get a 3rd rounder from Al, hes not calling the shots anymore evidence is their past two drafts
  8. Unless these boys set a record for being released and signed by another team its just an unhypothetical thread.
  9. Jenks goes to a great situation reuniting with Musgrave and a talented vet O in Minny and JA98 ends up in Cleveland where misery loves company
  10. another conspiracy- Roddy not showing up by design so the team has to teach Julio and get him reps as #2 WR while avoiding tension :ph34r:
  11. what a vicious question. I imagine I root for both with a passion and if and when they play each other, well I guess I root( I cant bring myself to finish the rest of this sentence) but Im not even sure, it just seems so awful. Maybe meeting some of his teammates and I come to realize they are humans and not complete swine then it would make it easier. If he lost I would still be happy, I know that. Edit: more I think bout it, I root for him to play well but for Falcons to win and it its playoffs well I prob vomit profusely and never make it to the game anyway
  12. Telling someone how to use their money and how to live, no thanks. I always love how people try to sound noble by offering up someone elses money hahahaha... you belong in politics. Besides plenty of pros setup up foundations and charities but thats up to them. All money does is exemplifies the character within someone
  13. Overall I found this article very distasteful especially after the person who wrote this piece proclaims Tillman is now used as a pawn when said jack*ss is doing the same thing by using the Tillman name to put the lockout in perspective. Unreal
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