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  1. i soooooooooooooooooooooo just took the lead WOOHOO
  2. please go to theonlineworld.proboards.com and join, its free easy and fun!!! i am the moderator packersnow3338 , as you may or may not know i am 100% packers 100% falcons 100% usc trojans and i know you probably hate me for it but whatever , just please join there may not be alot of people but soon there will be (within a few months or so) so yah check it out if you want and if you like i might promote you to mod or maybe not so be nic3! lol
  3. GOD'S (MATT RYAN) FAVORITE PRSON EVER IS BACK (me) cauz im awesome and you know it aww yah :P :P :P :P
  4. what are your thoughts on the 08-09 season of the USC trojans? were you dissapointed,suprised,sad,happy,amazed,or furious u tell me
  5. since i am inlove with the trojans (usc) i would pick prolly the gators mostly cuz the trojans lead the win loss statistics against the gators
  6. amazing band collides and makes this!!!:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDV4E9ldelM
  7. but the thing is the 3-4 defense has more plays and more confusing plays to execute as well as our defense is not exactly the steelers defense
  8. with the 16th offense in the nfl vs. us,we can keep our defense consistent (i hope) and we will win 37-35 OT (he get safety sack on Tavaris Jackson and get him out til the playoffs end)))))))
  9. VIKING FANS ARE TAKING OVER EVERY SITE,YOUTUBE,FACEBOOK,MYSPACE, EVEN WHEN I WAS A PACKER FAN, THEY WERE THERE TO,I CAN'T STAND THEM except for ones that are only on viking posting sites :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:
  10. we need to find more trick plays (exp. flea flicker,halfback pass,W.R. run,option pass,fake punt passes (with matt ryan at punter)) :wacko:
  11. he played against the cardinals defense and their best player is chike okeafor XD
  12. you're right and he doesnt get injured when hit by a linebacker also doesn't fumble and is younger and is faster and catches better and doesn't fail on every block that's important :blink:
  13. i know,i love him though i would like andy lee more or mike scifres
  14. he's better than joey harrington if he sucks so much,become GM and trade him for Craig Nall
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