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  1. This is the tale of the Captain Jack Sparrow!

  2. Awesome game man. Really looking forward to the future for both teams.

  3. It happens man. But you guys have a heck of a team coming up. Looks like its going to be Falcons v Bucs for the NFCS for a long time!

  4. Where you at bruh bruh?!

  5. No problem bro. Hope you like it.

  6. Lol I hear you man. I had to take a red shirt this year. Plus I messed up my ankle at practice last week. So I haven't got to do much.

    Bucs got off to a pretty good start man. How you think their gonna do the rest of the season?

    And how bout dem Falcons :D

  7. iron room in 30...To quote spoon, GOING HAM.

  8. Hey man sorry I just now saw the comment lol. But I don't beleive I'll be able to make the games this year. We do film studies the days after games so I'll be booked for Sunday. I appreciate the offer though man!

  9. Lol no problem bro. If you need anything else just hit me up.

  10. Thanks man. Lol, That's what everyone tells me. Now I justifiably know it all!

  11. Just got off work my man.

  12. Hey man. I live bout an hour from Tally. And thanks..I plan on it!

  13. I see. All that talent wasted on stupid crap. So did you play D line?

  14. Did he straighten up any? I'm also an FSU fan so I know how tough you boys are.

  15. Man my computer has been really screwy and didn't save the finished design. I have to re-do it when I get back to my labtop. But yeah I've heard alot about J-State. Actually one of the assistant coaches went there.

  16. Thanks man. Yeah dude hopefully play some special teams next year than possibly work my way to 1 or 2 on the depth chart.

  17. Man I feel you. Watching that game end I was literally sick to my stomach. But dude yall got a ring. You can rest your head on that...we can't!

  18. Yessir. College ball is in the future!

  19. Thanks bro! But if I'm lucky enough to make it to that level and I happen to get drafter there I'll be sure and hook you up!

  20. I wish you guys all the luck. I probably hate the bucs the least out of everyone else in the south lol. As much as I hate to see my man geno Hayes lose I love to see us win alot more lol.

  21. Tell your team I said thanks Buc. Its good to have that monkey off our back :D