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  1. This is the tale of the Captain Jack Sparrow!

  2. You know that Fowler kid out of St.Pete is one of the very best. Another great pickup for you guys.

  3. Awesome game man. Really looking forward to the future for both teams.

  4. nice win cody, enjoy the sweep.

  5. It happens man. But you guys have a heck of a team coming up. Looks like its going to be Falcons v Bucs for the NFCS for a long time!

  6. nice win cody, this four games ina row stuff is killing me, but nice win anyway. id hate to be the falcons come dec 5th!

  7. Where you at bruh bruh?!

  8. No problem bro. Hope you like it.

  9. Thanks for the sig man!

  10. Lol I hear you man. I had to take a red shirt this year. Plus I messed up my ankle at practice last week. So I haven't got to do much.

    Bucs got off to a pretty good start man. How you think their gonna do the rest of the season?

    And how bout dem Falcons :D

  11. shoot just trying to lay low, im a wanted man in these parts... pretty gay i know. how school man? you tearing things up at troy yet????

  12. yoooo cody whats good homie, its your boy!!!! the only bucs fan you like!

  13. Cody. haven't spoken to you in a while. how you been?

  14. iron room in 30...To quote spoon, GOING HAM.

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