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  1. Frankie is dat dude. So happy for him, couldn't happen to a better guy.
  2. Number 1 RB in the nation Johnny Fraiser committed to the Noles today.
  3. Well I wanted to keep Kentucky for basketball reasons. That way were more balanced. Arkansas really dosent bring anything to the table.
  4. Let's just do a straight trade. Arkansas and Ole Miss for FSU and Clemson. Keep Vandy for the academics and lets just wreck college football. Plus that would mean our title gets retroactive and the SEC wins it's 8th straight!
  5. FSU has gained the commitment of 6-4 4star WR Auden Tate.
  6. Have you guys never seen FSU? The campus is gorgeous and now the new state of the art locker rooms, additions to stadium and the IPF. I don't know who you think has better facilities in the ACC but I sure would like to hear it lol.
  7. UNC for me. Think they have what it takes to be a pretty good team this year.
  8. Wow! Francois commits to FSU anyway! Crazy turn of events.
  9. Wow. We only have one QB spot and I was between Kai Locksley and Francois. Locksley just swooped in and committed 5 minutes before Francois announces.... Wild!
  10. That's always a good matchup. I really wish FSU would do something like this with UGA or Bama. Love to have another SEC rivalry to keep things close.
  11. Wow, mobile site fail for the double post. Today 4 star QB Deondre Francois commits to either Auburn or FSU. There has been some negative news regarding Francois to FSU due largely to the fact a current Nole commit said if Francois came to FSU he would sit the bench. But I still feel like he will choose FSU. He's very close with Jimbo and knows Jimbo can make him a great QB. If Francois does come to FSU he will right away have the strongest arm of any QB on campus. Dude has a rocket. But there itself is a problem. His accuracy is spotty because he dosent know how to not launch it.
  12. Sweat is a little hard to read due to lack of interviews. VT dominated his crystal ball early but FSU has pulled it even. As of now Id say what Sac said. Uga/Nole battle with Noles a step ahead right now. FSU already has one of his best friends on campus and he really like the campus. Couple that with how much he likes Sal and I feel our chances are as good as any.
  13. 1. Matt Thomas. Big 6 has out on about 20 pounds since coming to Tally and is probably has the best instincts to come through Florida State in a long time. 2. Dalvin Cook. He is probably gonna get only a few carries to start the season but by the end I expect him to see quite a bit of playing time. Already proved to be the fastest running back we have with more than enough moves to bust a game open. 3. Ermon Lane/ Travis Rudolph. One of these two is going to be counted on in a big way this year. Depleted receiver depth with their talent and it has big year all over it. 4. Trey Marshall. Wil
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