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  1. Rollow Man- don't argue with Gazoo. He don't know what the **** he's talking about. Let him tell it, Matt Ryan was never projected to be a bust. Him, "Falcon Ace" and "mama-whatever" are a freaking joke. They all feel that Matt Ryans interception was because he had a bad surrounding cast at BC. Yet when I asked them if that was the case for the 2 interceptions he threw in the Arizona game game, they couldn't come with a logical answer. So I suggested that if you are going to make that claim, then Vick was a much better QB than his numbers reflected. Still, no logical answer.
  2. Bingo! This is what I've been trying to tell these clowns for days. Yet they seem to be convinced we can get players on the cheap and via draft and win a SB. Why ppl always refer back to NE and how they did and or do things, I have no idea! Newsflash- we are Not NE. We are the ATL and we are going to do it Blanks way.
  3. Tell him! Gazoo thinks he know everything. There is no guarantee in any sports, but you have to take chances just like they did with Ryan.
  4. I can agree with that scenario. Tank would be my 2nd option behind AH.
  5. hahahahahahh- You are 100% right. Gazoo thinks he knows everything about the Falcons.
  6. That's the problem Gazoo or whatever your name is...You don't know what the F you mean. By the way- many GM would've given one of theri testicle for Vick prior to going to jail (where he deserves to be) ...but let you and your playa-hater posters tell it, Matt Ryan is the best thing since slice bread. Newflash- You idiot- When Ryan win a playoff game on the road or at home (on the big-stage), like Vick did, then come back to board and post some more. Now chew on that! And I'm white brother- they call me white-chocolate, so this isn't about race, only facts. TO DATE: Ryan ended his college
  7. Look you weasle you answered my post.... You are spinning your wheels debating something that only Falcon fans will argue and that is Ryan was not projected to live up to his billing. Go to any other board, and yes fans opinions matter, and they will tell you the same. If fans opinion didn't matter, then why do they alway ask.
  8. Only these idiots think that Matt Ryan was a God in College and that his supporting cast cost 19 interceptions his senior,2 of which was in the ACC Champ Game, were all caused by his receiver. You, me and the rest of most football fans didn't think Matt Ryan garnered a 3 pick and his pay. Thank goodness he proved us wrong, but any football that read more than this site would know better.
  9. Mike Mayock also thought Vick was a good QB. So much for that argument. For every 1 person you name that says BC didn't have good WR, I can name 10 that say they did. By the way, WR don't typically cause interception. Again, are you going to blame the Falcons WR for Matts interceptions during the Arizona game???? LOL And you've been watching football since 1950s. PLEEEAZE
  10. how have I been busted? Matt Ryan was projected to be a bust. Period! And for Tandy, and idiots (including yourself) can credit WR for Matt Ryan QBs Interception ratio! Furthermore, It is still possible that Ryan can hit the Sophmore wall next year....have you ever heard of a player name Anderson in Cleveland? Probably not, because ppl like you, Ace and Tandy don't have a clue about football.
  11. Again- you are wrong. Heck even our our blogger (Dave the Falconer) said the same thing. http://www.thefalcoholic.com/story/2008/2/27/292/25844 I guess since Dave is getting paid then he opinion don't count either, huh? Why The Falcons Shouldn't Draft Matt Ryan by Dave the Falconer on Feb 27, 2008 2:09 AM EST in Falcons News Update [2008-2-27 18:28:46 by Dave the Falconer]: Had to share this with you guys, too, for how ridiculous it is. ESPN's Matt Mosley says the Falcons should take Matt Ryan at #3 because, and I quote, he "seems to have the type of intangibles that you could build a team
  12. Wrong-Wrong-Wrong Tommy Kelly w/ Raiders $13.9 mil , Shaun Rogers w/Browns 7.5mil, Dan Klecko w/ Eagles $10mil, Pat Williams w/ Vikings 7.4mil, Albert Haynesworth w/Titans 7.2mil, Tommie Harris w/Bears 11.9 mil, Chris Jenkins w/Panthers 9.5 mil. Shall I go on???
  13. You guys don't have a clue. You don't even know what "Falcon Ace" said. In another thread he indicated that NO ONE projected Matt Ryan to be a bust and I proved him wrong. Holly Crap. Call it what you want
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