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  1. Hey I think I saw you the other day at the health clinic. Do you have a stain on your neck?

  2. got it. i may should have read the entire thread before responding. :ph34r:
  3. I know the Patriots coach got fined like 250 thou. I know what he did was much much worse but if they decide to fine Smitty (which we don't know yet right?) it's likely gonna be too much for a bunch of $23 donations to make a dent. Giving it to charity is a good alternative plan. The roid thing stopped being funny like a month after I signed up. Never done em.
  4. NFL fines are a lot of money. How can we raise like a hundred thou? No way we come up with that.
  5. lol. big talk. yall ain't paying nothing.
  6. so how that work out for you?

  7. hang in there. i'm gonna see if j mike will let you back on

  8. fat guy with frosted tips hahahahaha. aaaahahah

  9. Thanks for the props man. I work out really hard to stay at peak performance.

  10. do you work out?