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  1. I don't think GeorgiaGunDam appreciates you laughing at him Gundamnit
  2. Well then explain that quote my Hypocritical man.
  3. GaFan just the other day you said twitter talk <<<<<<<<<<<< Now you are doing it. -_-
  4. Well I was going to mention that it was the summer time but I think in some places school is still going on or Wom could of meant he was in summer school, but I don't think summer school has home room. So yes he failed again my good men.
  5. If your husband doesn't have the viagra to bench Jeff Francoeur then I am going nowhere Mrs. Cox.
  6. Well I'll be gundamned, Wom is a pornstar.
  7. It's a TATF thing from a few years ago. "Mike Vick got love for the streets but no love for the gane"
  8. Meh smoking weed doesn't make everyone lazy. Most people who get lazy after smoking weed were already lazy. Fast Food restaurants would definitely like this move though.
  9. We have this discussion at least every other Month. I guess you potheads forget and everyone pretty much agrees it should be legalized.
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