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  1. We have a chance to take ironclad control of our division in these coming weeks. Get it done, Falcons.
  2. I LOVE football and can certainly follow a game as well as any fan, but I don't have a deep knowledge of the X's and O's of what I'm watching. Thanks for putting the time into these, I always learn something new.
  3. Matthews was a man possessed on that play. There wasn’t a chance in **** that defender was going to lay a single fingernail on Julio.
  4. None. The dude literally materialized in the middle of the play. That was a sure Eagles recovery and then in comes #12 from freaking nowhere like he’s sliding into home base.
  5. They asked Matt who he was pointing to and he basically responded, “Uh, to be honest, I don’t even know. I felt like I was 10. Just was running around the field.” I LOVE this play. Every single thing about it. Sanu knew Julio was gone, Matthews drove that guy so far into the dirt I’m surprised he’s not still being extracted. Pure beauty. I think I might have actually cried if a yellow flag came out for that play.
  6. This is the first meaningful game we've won in quite some time. After a brief gasp of hope on November 4 last year (only remember exact date because they pulled to 4-4 on my birthday), it became clear our 2018 season wasn't carrying into the playoffs. Yeah, it's Week 2, but love to see this. The team bond and chemistry is as important as anything in getting where we want to be.
  7. Yup. Of course he has to be better. That game was ugly for long stretches. I trust Ryan to clean up this sudden inexplicable "just throw the ball up there and pray" streak; it's not his norm. And at the end of the day? On the drive in which he absolutely could NOT screw up, he didn't. He marched to midfield, stayed calm on 4th down, read the play, and let Julio be Julio. I'll take it.
  8. Ha, indeed. I didn't truly celebrate until I was certain I saw no yellow. Any call there would have been completely ticky-tack. Sanu did his job and Matthews DEMOLISHED his man. Pancaked him so hard into the turf I was half expecting a personal foul (would have been completely unwarranted, but ****, that man is still feeling that hit).
  9. Without a doubt. And then a dropped walk in TD, TWO fourth downs, and we win the game by a freaking centimeter. Being a Falcons fan is not for the faint of heart.
  10. Literally pancaked the defender, lol. Sanu and Matthews SPRUNG Julio, that was gorgeous.
  11. Yelled that in my head for sure. Both my sister (who is visiting and has a very early train tomorrow) and my roommate (who has a very important meeting for work tomorrow) were asleep in my small apartment. The level of self control it took to SILENTLY celebrate that and get through the end of the game .... I deserve a medal. Congrats Julio. What a way to set the record!!!!!
  12. Game ball to the defense, I don’t know how to choose. Amazing amazing effort to keep us in that game while Matt was doing his best to lose it. But hey. Game winning drive when it counted. Ryan to Jones, a thing of beauty. And honorable mention to Sanu not only for the block but for appearing out of NOWHERE earlier to recover that fumble. Yeah the drive ended in a boneheaded interception but the Eagles recover that in their own territory, they likely don’t need a TD to win it at the end there. Sanu won’t ever have the flashy stats of Jones and Ridley but the man gets the **** job done.
  13. I think it’s 100% clear that the D is gonna have to win this one. Not exactly fair to keep asking for more from them, but it is what it is. Why can’t all three phases ever come together?
  14. Everyone's saying not to panic about a Week 1 loss. Fair enough, except we looked just as pathetic as we looked most of last season. It's not about one game.
  15. Purely out of curiosity, did that start before or after SB51? I feel like that game broke something in us Falcons fans.
  16. I took any Falcons loss hard before SB51 (not in a “It wrecks me” way, but definitely would let it simmer). And that Super Bowl was flat out devastating, I still can’t really think about it without getting angry and disappointed all over again. I can’t count how many times I had said that all I ever wanted was to watch the Falcons beat the Pats in the big one (live in Boston, and can’t stand these arrogant fans). And we’d done it. A 25 point lead near the end of the 3rd is insurmountable. I was inwardly celebrating. And then, brick by brick for a quarter and a half, it all crumbled. So ... After 28-3? Meh. Regular season losses don’t bother me at all anymore, and the one playoff loss since then didn’t really either. I guess that’s the one benefit of losing so embarrassingly and spectacularly on the biggest stage. Nothing else compares. Then again, 28-3 also muted how excited I get about football in general because, well, if you can’t win it then, are you ever going to? Is what it is. Still bleed red and black, still root hard for my team, still love when the Falcons win, especially in a fun nail biter, but it’s just not as entertaining as it all was before 51. ACTUALLY winning a SB someday would change that, so here’s hopin’ ....
  17. So it was spoken, so it was done. Now HOLD THEM.
  18. Fine. Touchdown wins the game. Get it done, Houston.
  19. I can't figure this out either. Once it's 28-0 (and god, I was SO sure at one point we were going to lose that game 28-3 just because ... well, because it's the Falcons), you HAVE to score four touchdowns. Even if you somehow converted the 2 on THREE consecutive touchdowns, you'd be at 24, and a field goal still does you no good - you'd lose 28-27. I suppose if you're at 24, then two field goals can win you the game rather than needing another touchdown ... but how likely to even get that many possessions when you're down four scores in the second half? If someone can explain it to me, I'll gladly eat crow on this - I'd rather realize I'm wrong than think this is yet another way Quinn can't make logical calls within a game.
  20. Kick 65 yard SB winning field goal, watch leg fall off, collect ring, retire?
  21. Man. Wouldn't it be amazing if we won it all on a Bryant kick. If he gets the chance Shanny denied him a few years ago and can retire on THAT note. The fact that I can even contemplate that thought (and kinda, sorta believe it) after SB51 is some sort of testimony to the resiliency of human beings. (Well resiliency or masochism. One or the other.) And on another note. Give me 3 million dollars, and I'd find myself pretty forgiving as well.
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