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  1. Yup. I really thought we'd turned things around when we pulled to 3-4 and then came out of our bye and convincingly won in Washington (who, at the time, weren't world beaters but certainly weren't the dumpster fire they are now). Was expecting a nice run in November and December. And then we proceeded to lose 5 straight, starting with the freaking Browns.
  2. The image that said EVERYTHING to me yesterday happened on the 4th down where Freeman ran straight up the middle into the teeth of the Titans D and had no chance of converting. Did you see #2? He was practically sitting on the sideline bench before the officials had even made the call that the ball was short. Now don't get me wrong here, it was CLEARLY short, you could see that play had no shot from the second the handoff happened. But in nearly 15 years of watching him in both college and the NFL, I have NEVER seen Matt Ryan leave the field before the full set of downs is officially complete. He didn't even wait for the refs, just walked away. I was pretty furious/indignant when I watched it happen live. You're the leader of the team, you keep your butt out there regardless. But it does speak to a level of frustration I'ver never seen from him before. It really seems like he's given up.
  3. It's incredible to think that we closed the last Dome with an NFC Championship win only 2.5 years ago ... and now we're ... exactly where your post says we are. A ton of empty seats, a thoroughly frustrated and disheartened fanbase, and a team that looks to have zero clue. We could have - should have - opened the new Dome with a banner drop. And things would likely look a helluva lot different. If only.
  4. I don't know, OP. I'm usually all about trying to give my team the benefit of the doubt. But "unlucky" is that interception that rolled off someone's a$$ in New Orleans into Saints' hands. That's not much of what I'm seeing this season. What I'm seeing is a QB practically leading the league in interceptions of the pure "bad" variety, drops from our best WRs and TE, a defense that lets people get so wide open I probably could complete the pass to them, a special teams unit that starts the opponent at midfield half the time and misses field goals from ranges that used to be no-brainers, a head coach who has to know he's on the hot seat and yet seems more lost than ever. This isn't luck, or lack thereof. I wish it were. Your luck is always bound to change. The problem here is much, much deeper than that.
  5. This is sad but true. With the exception of when I was able to attend the divisional Rams game - because the stars aligned and that game ended up in LA when I'd already been scheduled to be in LA that night for months - I haven't been truly excited about a Falcons game since SB51. I enjoy them as entertainment, I still root hard for my team ... but I'm not EXCITED about Falcons games like I used to be. That Super Bowl broke something. I don't know, maybe this is healthier. I used to get really, really worked up after a loss. Now it just rolls off my back.
  6. I'm with you on this. I don't believe in curses either, but watching MNF this past week was actually pretty illuminating, given that it was 28-3 at the half and for a fair bit of the third. You DO. NOT. LOSE. when you are up by 25 points in the second half. Even if the other team mounts a comeback, you only need a single thing to go your way to break that comeback's momentum. ONE thing. In the Bears case, it was a Skins fumble in the redzone when Washington was possibly going to close the gap to a one-score game. In our case, it just never came. It could have been so many things - Sanu takes it to the house on the onside kick attempt rather than getting tripped up on a shoestring tackle. Devonta picks up the block (the pass didn't even need to be complete, it just needed to not be a sack fumble). We call the run play. We don't get the holding call. Edelman doesn't re-grasp the football a millimeter from the turf. You stop one of the 2-point conversions. Heck, even after all that, you win the coin toss and give the ball to your prolific offense. It's mind-boggling that EVERY. SINGLE. THING. that had to happen for the Pats to win that game ... did happen. I don't call that a curse but ............ it sure does feel like you're fighting SOMEthing there.
  7. And there it is - the ONE play that broke the comeback. That's all you need when you started with such a big lead. One single thing to swing your way. It's still baffling to me how we couldn't come up with that ONE thing.
  8. Yep, I've seen this story before. All they need now is a field goal and two touchdowns with two successful 2-point conversions and then a coin toss and then ...
  9. Can someone please score so it's not 28-3 on my screen anymore? Those numbers are like an old scar throbbing. On the upside I have the Bears D in fantasy.
  10. YES, YES, YES to your entire post. I always watch Sunday football with my friends / fantasy league, and we go in HARD against each other (all in good fun, of course, but I mean, really, we obnoxiously celebrate the heck out of big plays). The guy who was up against me this week had Hilton in his line-up. And when Hilton got the touchdown after that injury/penalty, my buddy didn't say a single word. Didn't celebrate, didn't fist-pump, didn't make a sound. He (and everyone else in my league) were just stunned by how atrocious of a call that was, adding literal insult to serious injury. I can't believe they didn't have the decency to pick up that flag. There's letter of the law, and there's intent of the law, and you HAVE to go with intent there. C'mon.
  11. I know this isn't the primary point of the article (though the two points are intertwined) but holy **** is that sobering to read. EDITED TO ADD: Upon slightly further reflection, I've realized that stat is wrong. They mean in our two LOSSES of the season, we were outscored 41-3 in the first half. In our sole win, we had a small lead at the half. Nevertheless, the actual stat for all 3 games (even when you factor in an excellent defensive first half against Philly) is 47-13. It's still an eye-poppingly abysmal stat.
  12. Fair enough. Still can't quite let that one go though. I might be channeling that I wanted to reach through my screen and throttle the refs for that one.
  13. Changed this to my liking, though it's never happening. (Granted, yeah, it was his arrogant butt - and Quinn's moronic one in not overruling him - that cheated us of a trophy, but we're never in that game to begin with if he weren't around. I miss the 2016 offense so much.)
  14. Same. I knew this was going to be the news after seeing him on the field and the team later saying "It was an Achilles injury" (I'm sure it happens, but I don't think I've EVER heard "It's an Achilles injury" and it not turn out to be a tear), but still ...... you always hold a sliver of hope. I've rarely felt more torn up watching a football game. Reminds me of when Luke Kuechly broke down after that horrible concussion (which seemed more sheer confusion than anything else, and was scary to witness). As wrapped up as I get in W's and L's for my team, I always try to remember that this is ultimately entertainment for me at the end of the day and that it's more than that to those on the field. There are some really passionate players who are in this not just for $$ but for a genuine love of the game, and it's pretty **** painful to watch them have a lifelong dream and all the work they put in dashed on national television (not to mention the long-term physical repercussion of serious injuries).
  15. Yup. Our offense was nothing short of sensational in the second half yesterday. But when you toss a redzone interception and only score a field goal in the first half (and have a rash of penalties and poor defensive play in BOTH halves), not even sensational is gonna cut it. A related and equally frustrating point is that even when one phase of our team IS playing for the full 60 minutes, another phase isn't. Last week, the defense was playing out of their minds, while Ryan was tossing interceptions like candy. Yesterday, Ryan gets his act together in the second half and a defensive stop or two seals things in our favor - but the defense was a sieve. It's maddening.
  16. Well, that's somethin'. They kept flashing to him looking at a clipboard on the sidelines, and I was really taken aback by it.
  17. It BROKE my heart watching him cry on the field yesterday. I have a friend who tore her Achilles and said she actually wasn't in much pain when it first happened (just a "disconnected" feeling). Not sure if that's true for everyone, but if it is, have to think that most of that emotion was recognizing another season is over after everything he did to fight back. And I will never give Quinn a pass for not RAGING against that unsportsmanlike call. Yes, throwing down a helmet gets the penalty, by the letter of the law. I don't care. You FIGHT that penalty for your player. He didn't throw his helmet at anyone, he didn't throw it because he made a bad play. He threw it because he was in physical and/or emotional agony and he's human. Whether the refs pull it back or not, you fight it. Inexcusable.
  18. I agree with you. But at least for the drop, I do wonder if how aggressively our guys were playing had a little something to do with it. I’d be surprised if Eagles receivers weren’t at least subconsciously waiting to get popped after every catch.
  19. I AM that overreacting fan, I'll own that. Thought we were going to be lucky to win 4 games after Week 1, think we're going to the Super Bowl now. In reality, you can't really know what you have in Week 2. In our actual Super Bowl year, we didn't TRULY hit our stride until December, after the pick-2 Kansas City debacle. From that point on, right up until the quarter that shall not be named, we were d*** near unstoppable. For now, I just want to see our team keep building on what made us tick on Sunday night, and then hope that something special develops like 2016.
  20. Just let Sanu punt and call it a day. If it's anything like his quarterback play, we'll end up repeatedly pinning the opponent at their 1.
  21. This new challenge is ridiculous and slows down the game. Yes, these calls are missed all the time (or the calls made when it was incidental/ticky-tack at most). But the refs don't seem inclined to change the call on the field, and it just slows down the flow of things. Let 'em play. (Yet another reason to hate the Saints. This new challenge wouldn't exist without their whining.)
  22. We have a chance to take ironclad control of our division in these coming weeks. Get it done, Falcons.
  23. I LOVE football and can certainly follow a game as well as any fan, but I don't have a deep knowledge of the X's and O's of what I'm watching. Thanks for putting the time into these, I always learn something new.
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