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  1. I wrote this in a thread about a month ago. I was SO furious with him right after the Super Bowl that I had a "good riddance" reaction to his departure. But it didn't take very long to gain a bit of perspective and realize we never would have been in that game in the first place without him. (And that's only become more abundantly clear with each passing season. So many are asking how Quinn could be failing so spectacularly just 2 years removed from taking the team to the Super Bowl. The answer to that question is sitting undefeated in California.)
  2. He's writing exactly what we all have been saying on here for 2.5 years. Interesting, though not at all suprising, to hear that he was having those exact thoughts ("Run the ball, and it's over ... wait, what the **** are we doing?) IN the moment. I'll never be able to truly wrap my head around that game. It doesn't hurt like it did right afterward anymore, but it will NEVER stop being absolutely bewildering to think about. We had it. WE HAD IT. Run on every single play after 28-3 to bleed the clock and you probably win it even if you do go 3 and out every time. Run on the 3 plays after Julio's miracle catch and you certainly win it. The '16 Bryant wasn't missing that thing. Shanahan got arrogant and cute, and Quinn should have overruled him and didn't. "Play aggressive, that's what got us here." Great. We did play aggressive. We had a 25 point lead over the freaking New England Patriots. You don't have to be aggressive after that. You have to be smart. Just mind-boggling.
  3. There was some rose-colored glasses syndrome going on with that game (and I absolutely include myself in that). Our defense looked great, yes, but the Eagles were down SEVERAL critical members of their offense. A late Julio touchdown saved an abysmal day from Matt. We still would have lost if Agholor caught an easy pass. We still only won by a freaking centimeter. I WANTED to believe that really good things were in store from that game. But looking at it objectively, we really weren't all that good even in our one win ...
  4. I'm gonna go with "Sure, why not?". After attending the 2016 season opener, I would have laughed at you on the way out if you'd told me we were going to the Super Bowl (heck, I would have done the same after the Kansas City pick-2 to start December). And yet, things came together for a run. I don't think the odds are GREAT. But get in some coaches who can actually utilize our talent and better cover our deficiencies, hit on some high draft picks, and it's not outside the realm of possibility.
  5. I wore Falcons earrings, but my understated ones - you'd really have to be looking. I figured it was best to not end up in the hospital or prison at the end of the night.
  6. Ha. Indeed it does. Thanks so much, AFMB friends!!!! Had a great day. And my mom (who lives in Atlanta now) surprised me with tickets to our Thanksgiving game this year when I'm visiting. There's obviously a more than solid chance we're going to get trounced, but hey, ya never know. Any chance to root against the Saints is a good one. (And on that note, just got back from a trip to New Orleans with friends for Halloween. I went as an NFL referee. And signaled incomplete all night rather than pulling out my costume yellow flag. I was not popular. It was great. )
  7. I said this the first time he was cut, but I'll say it once more. I HATE that this guy - this guy who was money for us in so many key situations - didn't get to retire after the 2016 season after securing the team its first Super Bowl win. (Perhaps he would have wanted to continue on, but that seems like a pretty perfect way to end a career to me.) There's nothing at all to be done about it, of course. But I HATE it. It was all right there. A miraculous Julio catch to set up Money Matt's (and the franchise's) most important kick of all time. And I have zero doubt that thing would have gone through. That could have been the ending. SHOULD have been the ending. And instead he's cut twice in a (to date) 1-7 season. I don't know what to say about a player of that caliber being utterly robbed of their moment. Except that it flat-out sucks, and thanks for the memories, Bryant.
  8. They WERE right the first time - the problem was, Bryant really did seem like the best option after Giorgio fell apart in pre-season and our only other viable option seemed to be Blair Walsh. What a freaking disaster of a season.
  9. The HSA was a really fun time while it lasted. Please tell Supes hi for me!!!!!
  10. Ha. It really wasn't THAT long ago that he tripped over his own guy backwards into the endzone for a safety. Divisional game. Sending us on to the NFC Championship. Then the Super Bowl. Man. HOW was that less than 3 years ago?
  11. One of my absolute favorite Falcons. He could do it all, and in addition to his toughness and determination to get those yards after catch on EVERY SINGLE PLAY, I'll always remember his touchdown passes to Julio and Matt. Go get a ring, Sanu. I'll miss ya.
  12. I was so furious at his ego trip in the Super Bowl that “good riddance” was my primary emotion at the time. But even then, there was a voice saying he was the only reason we were in that game in the first place .... and that has proven to be abundantly true.
  13. I don’t know the overall stats but I know WE did the back to back score 30 and still lose thing against the Saints and Bengals last season. So maybe we’re just trying to outdo ourselves?
  14. Was particularly impressive when he managed to get two fouls called on himself in a SINGLE down. Really showing some effort there.
  15. What are the chances Quinn pulls a Vontae Davis and we can play the second half with an interim head coach?
  16. MLB Cardinals already embarrassed an Atlanta team this week; waiting for NFL Cardinals to do the same. Right now I'm not sure we can beat anyone left on our schedule.
  17. When he took over play-calling during our Super Bowl run, the group looked transformed. That's the case again, but not in a positive way this time ...
  18. I honestly wouldn't care what they did at that point, I'd be too busy celebrating the frickin' ring. But .... yes, we would and should keep him in that insane alternate universe because he finally got his **** together. And .... we're probably going to get obliterated by the Cardinals in 6 days. So we don't have to worry too much about this.
  19. I'm no psychologist, but this "feels" right. That they sort of pushed through the immediate shock but when the next year ended in disappointing fashion as well (when there wasn't a chance to get RIGHT back and fix it, so to speak) ........ well, we haven't looked like the team I saw out there in LA for even a second since.
  20. HA. You kidding, man?! This regime found the most spectacular way to lose in the history of the sport. In the same stadium we lost spectacularly in today. Lately, they ONLY know how to lose.
  21. I don’t know. Bringing in the guy who was at the helm for the biggest collapse in sports history wouldn’t really seem to inspire confidence for a franchise.
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