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  1. Purely as a football fan (my hatred for them because of 51 aside), I am THRILLED to have 3 weeks of postseason football without the Pats. About **** time. All sorts of new storylines possible. And the Vikings have officially cemented themselves as my second favorite NFC team. That’s TWICE now they’ve broken the Saints spirit. It’s glorious.
  2. Just gonna point out that the Saints wouldn’t even have been playing this weekend if they didn’t lose to US. You’re welcome, Swamp Rats. Come join us on the couch and pop open a cold one.
  3. Not exactly what I asked for but sure as h*ll will work for me. PUNCH IT IN VIKES!
  4. How bout a 75 yard pass and a new Minny miracle, eh boys?
  5. Can’t keep power for the Super Bowl, can’t keep cameras in the air wildcard weekend. Keep it classy, Home of the Swamp Rats.
  6. This. The 49ers game had a far more exciting ending, but that’s only because it was clear we were dominating the Saints way before the clock hit all zeroes. And costing them their bye and HFA could absolutely be the difference in their postseason. In a lost season for us, that’s still something.
  7. I have such mixed feelings about KS. He's simultaneously the mastermind behind the most exciting/fun offense to watch in my entire Falcons fandom, the offensive genius who took us to a Super Bowl .... and the arrogant SOB who (with Quinn's quiet blessing) cost us our first ring. I hate him. And if he wanted to come back as our head coach, I'd be dancing in the streets.
  8. Sorry about my wording but that’s not the point of my post. I don’t mean the second half of the second Saints game. I mean if we had played the second half of the season like we did the FIRST game against the Saints. Rather than turning around to lose to the Bucs at home.
  9. If we had consistently played the entire second half like we did right after the bye in New Orleans, bring him back. But we didn’t. We reverted to pre-bye form at home, against the BUCS. This team has zero consistency under the current regime. To me, that spells the end for the head coach.
  10. I mean, how deep? We getting a ring? If that happens in this fantasy scenario, I'll build a statue of the **** man while eating a literal crow.
  11. If we finish on a 4-game winning streak, it only confirms what I have felt since losing to the Bucs at home after trouncing our two far better divisional rivals in their houses. The only consistent thing under Quinn is inconsistency. If a team can play THAT well - not surrender a touchdown for 8 quarters in hostile environments - and then absolutely collapse against inferior competition, that is not the skills of the players. That's coaching. I like the man, but it's time to go.
  12. I'm personally in the "shouldn't" camp, but EVERYONE should be in the "can't" camp. If you're not, you don't understand how his contract works.
  13. Did the swamp rats SERIOUSLY start a Who Dat chant with Allen on the ground? SERIOUSLY? Even a few of the Saints fans in my section knew that was disgusting to do.
  14. Yeah that’s the thing, the game was won. He only said it after the game winning field goal sailed through. And I always thought it was more a response to all the showboating Cam and Co. had done all day, only to lose in the end. He wasn’t complaining about being sacked or anything remotely close to that. I loved it at the time and still do. Oh, and Sarah Ryan is a bad a$$. Don’t mess with her guys.
  15. While I always want to see my team win (I get the tanker mentality, but I just can’t get on board with it), this is maddening. It’s too late now!!!
  16. Ha, yes, I LOVED that. Parked their losing a$$es on the half yard line as time expired.
  17. He’s been my secret weapon in fantasy this year. This sucks on multiple levels. Get better soon, Hoop.
  18. I also can’t believe we’re the first team to hold Brees to under 10 at home. That is actually a CRAZY impressive stat, given how prolific that offense has been, and how long he’s been under center.
  19. Lemme tell ya, my friend. I was in New Orleans for Halloween and had the chance to tell many a person I was a Falcons fan (I mean, I WAS dressed as an NFL ref for the holiday, so football conversations started up pretty naturally). Every single fan was licking their chops to blow us away - they were anticipating winning at home by 40 points. I can’t even necessarily blame them the way we’ve played this year. But just imagining the totally smug looks on all their faces at 1:00 pm yesterday slowly slipping into disbelief and defeat? All that confidence against their arch nemesis just to be manhandled in their own house? There’s no draft pick sweeter than that.
  20. We beat our arch nemesis at home and quite possibly affected their playoff seeding. Six sacks, held them to zero touchdowns. Best day of a horrendous season. And I’m gonna enjoy the **** out of it.
  21. The only games left that I even care about winning are against the Saints. But this season is shot regardless.
  22. He and Julio did give us the "deliverance" play. Our coaches were just too dumb to do anything with it.
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