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  1. This game almost killed me. I had to take two Advil when it was over, and I am now holding a cold washcloth to my head with one hand while typing with the other. Jesus. BUT, a W is a W. Way to hold on to the game, Falcons. Playoffs, here we comeeeeee.
  2. Wow, I really like that speech. Hope Smitty said something similar.
  3. YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! I'll be honest, thought it was an interception there for a minute. Thread the needle, Matty!!!! Gorgeous. Falcons 13 Chargers 7
  4. I believeeeee. HD making up for his miscue right there, baby. Let's go, General Ryan.
  5. I laugh at this board sometimes. Give me a break, it's the 1st f***ing quarter. HORRIBLE throw by Ryan and god-awful play by HD, yes, but let's calm down a little. Offense comin' back on. LET'S GO FALCONS!!
  6. Completely agree with everything except the first line...my whole family and even my college roommates, knowing what a diehard fan I am, told me not to get my hopes up this year, that rookie quarterbacks never succeed, that I would have to wait years to see the Matt Ryan I remembered from Boston College in the NFL. In all honesty, I never believed them for an instant, and now I have the last laugh. To quote Mike Smith, "I don't know what 'it' is, but Ryan's got it." Matt Ryan for Rookie of the Year, Rookie of the Decade, etc. I can't wait to see what he does down this stretch. GO MATTY ICE!
  7. Who in God's name managed that many mistakes?! My great-grandmother could have done a better job inputting numbers. On the other hand, over 2000 TD's from MR and 28 sacks from Abe wouldn't really bother me.
  8. It's not a jinx or a bold statement when it's FACT. He's the IceMan.
  9. I was fuming. The ONE game I was able to see at the Dome this year was Denver. I haven't felt that heartbroken over a sports game since the ACC Championship last year. Then my flight home after the game was delayed, and I sat in a corner of the airport for three hours looking incredibly dejected in my brand-new Ryan jersey. I will never forgive Denver. And then they lose to the Raiders?!? Unbelievable.
  10. Credit our defense. We've come up with key interceptions in nearly all the games we've won. And, to Crane's credit, he did have one Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde day where he threw for 400+ yards in North Carolina and even beat some of Matt's records. Where that QB went the rest of the season, who knows?! Point is, BC misses Matt Ryan very, very much.
  11. I have been enjoying this board all season long...I was a DEDICATED Matt Ryan fan at Boston College and am a very recent grad (May '08), hence the user name. I've never had an NFL team to root for, but I do now, and I adore these Falcons!! Even came to see them last week (vs. Denver) after a work conference in Atlanta...unfortunately I picked the worst game of this three-game homestand to attend, but c'est la vie, yesterday took all the pain from that away! Anyway, while this was a super-classy post from a Panthers fan, his later comment that Matt's successor at BC is "tearing it up" prompted me to finally create an account, something I've been meaning to do for awhile. Matt Ryan's successor, Chris Crane, is out for the rest of the season with a collarbone fracture. Now we have Davis, who SOMEHOW managed a last-minute victory against Wake Forest, no thanks to his two turnovers and several abysmal passes leading up to that drive. Let's put it this way, Panther fan....run away from both of these QB's as fast as you can. After two glorious seasons spent watching Matty Ice on the Heights, my friends and I have been brought back to reality. I am a BC Eagle fan always, but I very much miss the days when I didn't cringe every single time my quarterback stepped back to pass. BC is unlikely to ever see another Ryan. Luckily, though, his biggest fan here still gets to see him every week. GO FALCONS!!!!
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