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  1. I don't disagree that was a better deep pass to Julio than most we see from Ryan. But Justin Gage is retired.
  2. I haven't read this whole thread, so apologies if I'm repeating anyone. But the other really sad thing? I never felt even remotely comfortable we were going to win yesterday. Not once. Not at halftime up by 19, not at under 5 minutes up by 15, and not when all we had to do was recover an onside kick. I EXPECT this group to find ways to lose immensely comfortable leads. Its one of the worst effects of SB 51 - that it's become impossible to ever enjoy a big lead. The 2016 NFC Championship was such an absolute joy of a game to watch because by halftime (and then certainly after the Julio touchdown to open the 3rd), I knew it was over. I watched an entire half of football knowing the game was in the bag and basking in the feeling that we were headed to the Super Bowl. If that game happened now? Would be sitting there white-knuckled the entire time waiting for us to blow it. I don't know if that feeling will ever go away. But it CERTAINLY won't even begin to ease until Quinn is gone.
  3. I wasn't around for that one, but my sincere condolences to those who were. Because in another 35 years or so, a loss like this to the Pats would still open old wounds.
  4. 100% agree. I haven't let a Falcons loss truly get to me ever since the Super Bowl. Until now. Mainly because I always fell back on, "Well, that was bad, but it wasn't SBLI bad. We've survived much worse." And true, this was only a regular season game, and nothing will EVER hurt like 51, but this was the same level of absolute ineptitude. The game was won, many many times over, and you still lose it. It's kind of staggering, and almost downright impressive, how great we are at losing games that are basically statistically impossible to lose. Something to really hang our hats on. Quinn shouldn't have a job today. I am not a reactionary fan, and that is not a reactionary stance. Yesterday just proved, AGAIN, what we all know.
  5. I trust you, but even if you didn't come in that way, I think Falcon fandom MAKES a person emotionally unstable.
  6. Man, I hope so. I don't think anything will ever erase 51 from our collective memory, but a ring sure would go a LONG way.
  7. I wish we'd won it in 2012 for Roddy and Gonzo in particular. But 2016 is my answer, no question. That loss, just ....... man. Especially living in Boston so many years, I'd always hoped we'd get a chance at the Brady-led Patriots. And we were better than them that year. We were the best team in the NFL by the time the playoffs hit. I'll always remember the feeling of that Alford pick-6. I CALLED that Alford pick-6. My mom and I (who had been at the Redskins game when his pick-6 won it in OT) were texting when the score was 14-0 and just a few plays before it happened, I wrote, "This team wants it so bad. How 'bout a good old-fashioned Alford pick-6?" And then it happened. And I KNEW we'd won the Super Bowl. We were playing the team I'd always wanted to beat for our first ring, and then a really unlikely play that I had PREDICTED happened. It literally felt fated/magical, I can't describe it any other way. I was practically crying I was so excited. And then it evaporated, minute by minute, in absolutely excruciating fashion. At the end of the day, it's sports. It IS just a game. But did it have to be THAT brutal? I'll never forget every feeling of that game, from the total elation to utter disappointment. I honestly don't even really think about 2012 anymore, maybe because winning the NFC Championship against the Pack to close the Dome was so awesome it wiped out the previous NFC Championship to a degree in my memory. But I still want 2016 back so badly. Always will. Grrrrr.
  8. Ha, I was AT that game, and if anyone had told me on the way out of the stadium we'd end the season in the Super Bowl, I would have laughed in their face. (And if they'd told me what would happen in said Super Bowl, I would have sobbed.)
  9. I will never re-watch that game. NEVER. Although, I don't understand why everyone points out the "3 holding calls on 3rd down" as some sort of turning point. That drive ended in the pick-6. Yeah, it didn't help with the defense being gassed, but honestly at the time, I was deliriously happy because the refs trying to help the Pats and keep the game interesting completely backfired and gave us a 21-0 lead.
  10. This is as close as we're gonna get to "sports" at the moment - enjoyed the listen. Thanks for posting.
  11. I am so deeply sorry. Prayers, love, and light being sent to you and your family, Gritz. You've always been one of the best I've ever met on here.
  12. Man, what a TERRIFIC game this was. The best game I ever attended in the Georgia Dome. A touchdown overturned to make it 4th down - the go-ahead touchdown scored two plays later anyway - the 'Skins tie it up on a long field to force overtime - Alford with a pick six that spanned almost half the field. I was LOSING MY MIND.
  13. Yeah, I was making casual conversation with my best friend's new boyfriend a few years ago and when we got around to football, I was like, "I have it the worst of anyone! I'm a Falcons fan IN New England." (This was only a few months after 51.) He deadpanned back to me, "I'm a Bills fan." Yeah, buddy, you have it worse. As devastating as 51 was, it was a single Super Bowl. I cannot IMAGINE going to the big one and losing FOUR TIMES IN A ROW. I mean, you'd just have to be convinced that the universe/God/karma/insert what you believe in here has it out for you.
  14. Dude has now been instrumental in costing those guys TWO rings. I didn't have any overwhelming need to see Shanahan lose (he did, and hey, it doesn't magically give us OUR ring back). I'm still grateful to him for orchestrating the most exciting year of my entire Falcons fandom. But d*** if that guy doesn't lose his mind in the biggest moments. In 51 I thought it was sheer arrogance. Last night, I don't really know what to call it. Over-thinking? His rationale for not using his timeous at the end of the half was that it might give the ball back to Mahomes with enough time to score??? Uh, ok. Use your timeouts and maybe YOU score. Nothing better than two scores on either side of the half, can flip an entire game's script. Too aggressive in 51 when he had no need to be. Too conservative in 54 when he had no need to be. Ah well. Doesn't affect us anymore. Thanks for the memories, KS. Oh, and hope we see you in the NFC Championship next year and beat you 28-3.
  15. And Pats fans are worse than that. Promise.
  16. At the risk of sounding overly dramatic (because at the end of the day, it IS just a game), I've come to kind of hate this time of year as a football fan*. I've made as much peace with Super Bowl 51 as any of us can, but it's hard not to think about it while we watch other teams compete for and head to the big game. And the thing is? If we'd just won that one, if we just had OUR ring, I wouldn't care. Yay San Fran! Go Shanahan, go Coleman, go Matt's cousin! But without OUR ring, it all just sucks and is a reminder of a playoff season that was perfect for 11 quarters. Sigh. *There is one notable exception: the Saints finding more and more exquisitely painful and creative ways to exit the playoffs each season. That's at least a balm on the wound.
  17. Sigh. That was it. THE pass. THE catch. Should have gone down in history. Still can’t believe we managed to turn this into a forgotten footnote.
  18. I have too much to say about Dan Quinn to write it all out at the present time (given that I'm supposed to be working, ha), so for now, I'll just stick with this. We HAVE to win our first game in 2020. After these terribly slow starts the last two seasons (and a particularly embarrassing start against the Vikings last year), for purely psychological reasons, we need Game 1 badly. Quinn didn't have his team close to ready to play in Game 1 or really the entire first half in 2019. If he's going to win back any of my goodwill, that needs to change instantly and dramatically as we start the next season. You say you've learned? Great. Show us.
  19. Ha, thank you friend. But it's all good, can call me "dude" when it comes to football. Regardless, I stand by that post - I've been to plenty of football games, with plenty of intoxicated people - I've never heard a chant start up with an injured player on the field until that moment. NOW, that being said, I meant the chant was absolutely classless. I didn't mean I'm judging the entire fanbase. One of my favorite people in the whole world is a Saints fan. He's smart as **** when it comes to football, he's been through thick and thin with his team, and we've had a huge amount of fun trash-talking each other and making silly bets over the years. He'll never let me live down 28-3, I'll never let him live down the Minnesota Miracle. Saints and Falcons have the most underrated rivalry in football. Just keep it about that, rather than taunting injured guys, and I'm all good with Saints fans.
  20. I was at our Thanksgiving game this year and when one of our guys went down with what at the time looked to be a serious injury (Allen, I think it was?), the Saints fans began a Who Dat chant. He was on the ground with medical staff attending to him, players from both sides were kneeling, and they start a CHANT. Credit to our fan base, I’ve never heard a group start booing so loudly in return. Absolutely classless.
  21. I have NEVER so thoroughly enjoyed any playoff weekend the Falcons weren’t in. This is gold.
  22. I could watch that **** all day. Yesterday was sweet because it was in the Saints’ house and a big upset with them at 13-3 ... but that Minny miracle was just epic. That game was over by any football measure. Until it wasn’t. Just beautiful.
  23. Their only ring was because they played dirty. Karma sure is a *****. I love it.
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