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  1. 15 hours ago, youngbloodz said:

    Haven’t seen you in awhile. Hope all is well!

    It's been a long time! Had to mostly take a break last fall - 2020 was a BAD year, even beyond Covid. But this one has been much brighter. Good to be back. (Though a Falcons win would be real nice, ha.)

    15 hours ago, Slumerican said:

    We need Koo for fg..can't risk him honestly..we can find a better punter off the street 

    Oh 100% agree. I should've put that in purple. But man that was painful to watch in what had become a winnable game.

  2. 2 minutes ago, 1989Fan said:

    Refs influencing games. Just like the no call targeting that screwed the Browns.

    That's the truth. And I don't quite understand the rationale behind that touchback rule (I KNOW the rule, and knew it would be called as such, I just am not sure I agree with it). A ball fumbled out of bounds does not go to the other team under any other circumstance. 

  3. Sorry for the delayed response, everyone! One of my closest friends got married last Friday in a "socially distant," under 10-person backyard wedding in New York, so I've been driving back and forth between Pats and Giants/Jets country. Was a beautiful wedding, and my youngest sister lives in Brooklyn, so it was great to see her for the first time since pre-COVID.

    Thank you so much for the bday wishes (and hey, I take it as a compliment to be considered one of the "dudes" around here 😂). Our boys even pulled out a birthday weekend win.

    Here's to starting to turn the page on 2020 into a better year!!!

  4. 36 minutes ago, DonOfThemBirds said:



    Yeah, I thought about that as a possibility.


    I've had family and people that I've known die like that. It leaves a very unreal feeling for those and love ones left behind.

    My best friend died 2 1/2 months ago this way .... of a brain aneurysm. Perfectly healthy 34-year-old vegetarian 5k runner and avid biker. New mom to a 10-month-old. 

    It's still just ......... unfathomable.

    Prayers to Vaughn's family. This year is horrific.

  5. 3 minutes ago, Googlywoogly said:

    Just curious.  If Falcons and Ryan part ways will you remain a Falcons fan or become a fan of whichever team he goes to?  No judgement here, just curious.  I agree he needs to go to a team where he can have a shot at a ring...

    I'd hope Ryan does well wherever he goes, and root for him when it doesn't hurt the Falcons and if he ever got to the big dance again somewhere else, but I've been a Falcons fan for going on 13 years and through a **** of a lot at this point. Not going anywhere. You don't stick around after 28-3 for one player. 😉

  6. 2 hours ago, revrndzombie said:

    I'd be upset, but THIS would feel new, and not as much like an ongoing pattern. 

    Im pretty convinced that the superbowl loss had longstanding psychological impacts on this organization and I am not saying that as a joke. Just as we were all EXPECTING the team to choke, I am guessing they are also expecting to choke..That weird gut feeling we get when its happening is probably 1/100th of what they are experiencing... and the pattern reinforces itself over and over and over. At the first signs of adversity there is a sense of panic; and somehow, someway they manage to find a way to do it again. The ol' self fulfilling prophecy

    This will stick around. I have been adamant that a rebuild was not necessary and that "filling a few spots" would fix it. Now, I am leaning toward a complete rebuild. As complete as possible. 




    I agree 100%. This team is in its own head. 

  7. On 9/24/2020 at 3:24 PM, AUTiger7222 said:

    It blows my ever loving mind that people don't remember the Jake Matthews holding penalty that happened  after the Julio catch that totally changed everything because it put the Falcons out of field goal range. Yes, everyone talks about the sack on 2nd down and yes that was bad and very dumb. But on 3rd down Ryan completed a 9 yard pass to Sanu that put the Falcons at the 26 and in easy Matt Bryant automatic field goal range. But it was called back because of Matthews getting called for holding and it put the Falcons at the 45 and outside of field goal range. So one can argue that the holding never happens if the Falcons are running the ball the whole time but on the Falcons last drive of the 3rd quarter when the Falcons were right on the edge of field goal range at the New England 32 there was a run and Matthews was called for a holding penalty that killed any shot of a field goal the Falcons had on that drive. Falcons get a field goal on either of those drives and they win the game.

    Fair enough. While I still think 3 runs was unquestionably the right call, I do remember the holding penalty, and when it happened. That game and its series of events is burned into my brain, lol.

    Of course, if the ref saw the obvious facemask on Sanu, it offsets, and maybe we wouldn't have to even have this conversation. Sigh.

  8. It's so hard to answer this question, because there's a domino effect - would we have the same PLAYERS right now if we had kept Mike Smith? Probably not. 

    However, I would give anything to have had Mike Smith on the sideline after that pass to Julio in the Super Bowl. Just swap him right out for Dan Quinn in that moment. No way does he allow anything but three runs. 

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