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  1. Yes, yes, yes!!!! Although ... I've been away from e-mail for several days (traveling with family), and I feel like our whole team is different than when I left! Trying to figure it all out!

  2. H*LL YES WE DO!!!!!!!!!! I am so ready for the play-offs I can't stand it!!!! =)

  3. I couldn't celebrate during the work week, but I'm going all out tonight! I plan to recover just in time to watch some pirates sink in the Georgia Dome tomorrow. =)

  4. Happy Birthday! Hope Joshie Pooh throws a TD or two for you on Sunday to help you celebrate a quarter century (so long as Matt throws double that to help ME celebrate MY quarter century). =) Have a good one!

  5. We're starting our freshman quarterback Saturday against Notre Dame. His first college snaps. God help us. lol.

  6. Yep, all's well. Moving back to Boston in about a month, and then it's football season not long after. What more could you need?! =) Hope you're doing well too!

  7. Hahaha. Hey "Kush"! Converted to a Falcons fan, eh?? Good time to join ... we have back-to-back winning seasons now! =)

  8. I'm honestly curious what NFL team you're a fan of.

  9. You're fighting the good fight on it though! I'm trying here and there, but honestly? I've just come to the conclusion that if you hate him, you'll keep finding things to hate. First, they WANTED him benched for Redman. Well, you've got Redman and now Matt's a sissy. I give up, lol.

  10. Did your team just HAVE to knock Ryan out of our most important game of the season? I swear, if this is season-ending, I am going to hunt down the two players who sacked him when I come to Ray J.

  11. Thank you so much. It was a wonderful b-day. Helped heal the pain of MNF. =)

  12. Happy Birthday to you too!! Sorry I'm a day late, I've been taking a mini-break from the boards after MNF!

    Almost half-way to fifty, wow ... that's a bit terrifying, lol.

  13. I was pretty much ready to jump off the nearest tall structure yesterday! My grandpa is a ND fan, so I'm never going to hear the end of that one, and I'm pretty much in mourning over how quickly this board turns on Matt Ryan after losses. ::sigh:: We need to get some voodoo going for MNF.

  14. Good to hear from you on this one!!! We have quite the football weekend as BC and Falcons fans. How do you feel about our odds in South Bend??

  15. Our college teams will each get it together eventually. At least we both have our 4-1 Falcons in the meantime!

  16. LOL, sorry. We never want O'Brien to come beat us in our house. But, remember, we had just come out of an absolute thrashing the week before by Virginia Tech. We obviously wanted to turn around and do it to someone else, and fate had you up next. =)

  17. Aww, she's not doing the b-day justice. Tell her we Nov. 4th girls should all stick together as rabid Falcon fans! lol.

  18. Great day to be born. =) You and your wife headed to the opener??

  19. Haha wow, only a day apart, eh?! And yet we have gone such very, very different ways in our division. :)

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