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  1. It's been a long time! Had to mostly take a break last fall - 2020 was a BAD year, even beyond Covid. But this one has been much brighter. Good to be back. (Though a Falcons win would be real nice, ha.) Oh 100% agree. I should've put that in purple. But man that was painful to watch in what had become a winnable game.
  2. Heck, just give it to Koo. Certainly can't be worse.
  3. That's the truth. And I don't quite understand the rationale behind that touchback rule (I KNOW the rule, and knew it would be called as such, I just am not sure I agree with it). A ball fumbled out of bounds does not go to the other team under any other circumstance.
  4. Nice play design but man, the Saints get the weirdest reasons for flags being picked up. Remember years ago when we had something along the lines of, "It was a screen pass, therefore there's no foul?" called against us. Ummmm, come again?
  5. Sorry for the delayed response, everyone! One of my closest friends got married last Friday in a "socially distant," under 10-person backyard wedding in New York, so I've been driving back and forth between Pats and Giants/Jets country. Was a beautiful wedding, and my youngest sister lives in Brooklyn, so it was great to see her for the first time since pre-COVID. Thank you so much for the bday wishes (and hey, I take it as a compliment to be considered one of the "dudes" around here 😂). Our boys even pulled out a birthday weekend win. Here's to starting to turn the page on 2020 into a better year!!!
  6. I will NEVER forgive the coaches who turned what by any objective measure was one of the best Super Bowl catches of all time into a footnote. Never. Julio DESERVED that front page of every article and magazine.
  7. Well I started Ridley AND Anderson, so I am none too pleased, ha. Get better, Rid!
  8. The absolute irony of knowing you LOST the game by scoring 8 points to take the lead with a minute left ... only the Falcons.
  9. Arthur Blank said he had to win all 11, and I'm honestly not sure he was joking. He looked like The Godfather in that interview. 😝
  10. My best friend died 2 1/2 months ago this way .... of a brain aneurysm. Perfectly healthy 34-year-old vegetarian 5k runner and avid biker. New mom to a 10-month-old. It's still just ......... unfathomable. Prayers to Vaughn's family. This year is horrific.
  11. I'd hope Ryan does well wherever he goes, and root for him when it doesn't hurt the Falcons and if he ever got to the big dance again somewhere else, but I've been a Falcons fan for going on 13 years and through a **** of a lot at this point. Not going anywhere. You don't stick around after 28-3 for one player. 😉
  12. Won't matter when the defense is giving up 40. 😭 (Hey, I hope the GM/coaching change will have its intended effect. This team just feels like it's in complete disarray.)
  13. As soon as the cap allows it, it's time for Matt to move on. He might still be able to get a ring with a team that has a defense. He's never leading the Falcons to one in the limited time he has left, and this team needs a wipe-the-slate-clean rebuild. I think it's best for both sides to part ways with Matt once it's financially feasible.
  14. What a pathetic sentence that is. (I completely agree with you, to be clear.)
  15. Nope. Not buying it. You should be able to hold a 4th quarter 3 possession lead with ANY professional football players.
  16. Fair enough. While I still think 3 runs was unquestionably the right call, I do remember the holding penalty, and when it happened. That game and its series of events is burned into my brain, lol. Of course, if the ref saw the obvious facemask on Sanu, it offsets, and maybe we wouldn't have to even have this conversation. Sigh.
  17. It's so hard to answer this question, because there's a domino effect - would we have the same PLAYERS right now if we had kept Mike Smith? Probably not. However, I would give anything to have had Mike Smith on the sideline after that pass to Julio in the Super Bowl. Just swap him right out for Dan Quinn in that moment. No way does he allow anything but three runs.
  18. Well at least some things never change ... always nice to watch the Swamp Rats lose.
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