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  1. Just like Julio's unbelievable catch, Ryan's playoff performance last post-season is a forgotten footnote. And it's such a shame, because, YES, it was historic.
  2. The funniest thing I saw last play-off season was a Seahawks fan coming in here talking trash about Ryan's 1-4 playoff record. First response: "You do realize the '1' is against the Seahawks, right?" Dude never came back.
  3. The most beautiful Super Bowl catch I've ever seen. Should have gotten him and his team a f*ing ring. (Not over it.)
  4. Ha. That wasn't directed at you. More at the NFL. They awarded that to anyone else this week, I freaking give up.
  5. Me too. Actually the thing I've been most frustrated with regarding his play this year is not seeing his usual fire. I'm not saying it isn't there (every Mic'd Up I've ever seen of him and everything his teammates say would dictate otherwise) but EVERY time the camera would cut to him on the sideline in the rough moments of games this season, I just ... didn't see it. In addition to seeing a humming offense and swarming defense again last Sunday, it was really nice to see that Matt Ryan.
  6. I was FUMING. Even IF someone blocked the guy into Matt (which, quite frankly, is not at all what I saw ... I would appreciate a replay or GIF if anyone has one), no one can convince me that flag gets picked up against a Brady or a Rodgers. I was livid. But then ... I noticed Matt was livid too, and I literally went from raging to smiling in my living room. I don't care how corny this sounds, I KNEW we'd won the game at that point. He had every right to be furious, and special things happen when Matt gets that pi$$ed.
  7. Those penalties really have been killer moments in games. Meanwhile how many of OUR interceptions have been tipped off receivers' hands? Would be nice to get a few of those on the other side of the ball.
  8. Completely agree. As much as it pains me to say it, at this point, there's a very real chance we'd have to run the table to overtake the Saints and win the division. Football is strange and a lot can happen so I'm not conceding the division just yet. But definitely tracking our wildcard chances very closely ...
  9. The fat lady was all warmed up. Today was absolutely vital to have ANY hope for the rest of the season. Win in one of the toughest road environments on MNF next week, and my faith in this season will officially be renewed. That win would give us the head to head tiebreaker over Pack, Lions, Cowboys, and Hawks. If we can sustain today's play, we're not even out of the division race just yet, but those tiebreakers sure are key when it comes to a WC. One thing at a time ...
  10. F***ING H*LL YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. If you had told me after Matt Ryan's first pass today that we'd end up here, I would have laughed you out of my apartment. This is glorious. Amazing how just one game can thoroughly renew hope in a season. Win next week too, and we have tiebreakers over FOUR key potential wildcard contenders. And we still have 3 games against those leading our division. Keep playing like this, and the season is far from over (which is what I certainly would have told you after yet another tipped-pass-turned-interception to start today).
  12. I know we still have a lot of football left and I don't really count on ANY Falcons lead (for obvious reasons) but d*mn I could cry at how beautiful the half has been thus far. THIS is the team that made it to a Super Bowl last year. FINALLY.
  13. What's embarrassing is that pressure gets to him on a 3-man rush.
  14. Dak is wildly out of breath. Somebody get a strip sack touchdown.