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  1. I mean, if you were anything like me, you basically passed out at the end. So it's understandable.
  2. Beating them sort of takes care of that tiebreaker. Remember that ten-second runoff?
  3. As utterly ridiculous as the Dolphins and Bills losses were, and as demoralizing as the Pats one was, at least they were out of conference. We've put ourselves in stellar wildcard position after last night's win. And still have a realistic chance at the division given our final games. It FEELS like we're starting to gel at the right time, even though there's still a mountain of things left to clean up. That Vikings game will tell me a lot about the rest of our season. (Well, so will the Bucs game if we can't pull that out at home. )
  4. I originally thought it was one of the dumbest calls I've ever seen. But then I saw something really interesting from Walsh (I think it was on NFL.com) that basically said they had closely studied us and thought that they had found a very specific weakness to exploit there. He went on to say, "They [the Falcons] did something on the play they've never done on film." So I guess if you're certain you've seen a weakness and anticipate that no one on the other side would expect a fake there, why not try to tie it up before the half and get the lead when you come out afterward? Problem is, Dan Quinn knows Pete Carroll really well. I'd bet money that once that timeout was taken, he was telling our guys to watch for the fake. Regardless, thank you Petey, for both that, and for wasting a precious timeout on an obviously incomplete ball. 'Preciate you.
  5. The Saints/Falcons games are ALWAYS some of the best fights of the NFL season. And that's even when one of the two teams is having a down year. The way this is all playing out, both games this year are going to be no-holds-barred, punches-thrown dogfights. Can't wait.
  6. That one Ward run for the first down on that time-consuming 4th quarter drive was a thing of beauty. My biggest complaint with Coleman last night was the tripped/dropped screen pass. That thing could have gone to the house.
  7. Pete made some TERRIBLE decisions last night. That fake field goal was downright boneheaded. And he was goaded by his players and the crowd into challenging a clearly incomplete ball, costing them what would end up being a crucial timeout. His old buddy Dan will happily take it.
  8. Bill Belichick wouldn't smile while getting a blow job at Disney Land.
  9. Gonna be a knock-out fight, these last 6 weeks with so many NFC South match-ups left.
  10. Pains me to agree with a Panthers fan ... but yeah, that would be one heck of a playoff season.
  11. Because we won the game. Because we're legitimately in play-off contention again. Because we have head-to-head tiebreakers against all 4 potential wildcard teams right behind us. Because winning in Seattle EVER, least of all in primetime, is no small feat. Because Russell Wilson had never lost a Monday Night Football game until tonight. I have a lot of issues with our coaching this season, but I think they're allowed to smile when that field goal fell short. I was grinning like the f'ing Cheshire Cat.
  12. Less than 5 yards of field goal distance away from making me look stupid as h*ll. Oh my Falcons ...
  13. Eh. Julio catches the first pass he was thrown or Hardy doesn't get that on-the-money pass batted out, and the 200-yard streak continued easily. Not too worried about that aspect. The O-line on the other hand ...
  14. My thoughts exactly. I'm only 32 years old. Too young to die.
  15. Well. C'mon Matt. Get us the first down and continue your 200-yard streak all at once. One more pass.