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  1. Starting 3-0, all conference (with tiebreakers over two playoff teams from last season) would be so sweet. This is going to be another good road test early in the season. We win this game, pick up the W against the Bills, and we're sitting pretty at the early bye. Keys to the Lions? I haven't watched them at all this season - interested to hear others' thoughts.
  2. I need a hat to wear to Gillette in a few weeks. I'm in.
  3. Been wondering EXACTLY the same thing. I used to really enjoy the full interviews. And the Dan Quinn show that was always posted Monday night.
  4. Meant it to be more joking than presumptuous (this board is crazy about injury jinxes). Can see how it came off otherwise. Sorry if I offended. Carry on.
  5. Dude. This is dangerously close to celebrating injury. Don't do it! It always comes back to bite you. Besides, we can beat the Panthers when healthy anyway.
  6. DQ will update at his press conference today, according to what he said last night. Poole went back in, he's fine. I never actually saw Allen go back in, but did he? He was clearly talking to reporters after the game, and that's usually a sign nothing serious is wrong. I'd be very surprised if Schraeder plays against Detroit but Ty did admirably given the circumstances and will now have a week to practice and gel with the first team. Beasley is, of course, my biggest concern. At least it was the hammy and not the knee. I wasn't thrilled with the early bye but it might work well this particular year.
  7. LMAO off at #littlebrotherhood. There's also some obvious joke about sainthood here ... which that team sure as h*ll isn't ever going to achieve.
  8. I can't see the actual links because I'm on a flight but I'm just going to repeat what I said on that great article about the Atlanta Falcons "standard." To Birth Mark and Co., you can't just SAY brotherhood and magically start winning. Honestly I think it's kind of adorable. Like when my little sister wanted to wear all my clothes and do everything I did because she thought I was the cooler one.
  9. Now THERE'S something we can all agree on.
  10. The beauty of it all is that we're 2-0 and yet we're nowhere close to clicking on all cylinders.
  11. Pretty much every QB's grandmother in the league could make that throw. And please don't get me wrong here. I think Rodgers is an excellent QB and a very special talent. But for that particular play, the praise was utterly bizarre. You would think he had just completed a 60-yard pass with five defenders playing pinball with him while he released the ball.
  12. I had stepped away for just a second and honestly thought it was a pass from Matt to one of our wide receivers (who had beat the defending Packer behind him) when I came back in the room. Just a really bizarre-looking interception. Glad for Trufant. I wasn't upset with him last week - figured it was rust - but DEFINITELY had a wtf moment when he let Montgomery just run right by him earlier in the game. I think yesterday had to be a massive confidence boost for him moving forward off the injury.
  13. My favorite was the 5-yard completed Rodgers pass - 5 YARDS - that had him all but making out with the guy. "Just look at that balance, that poise, the ability to get that ball off." Then Ryan throws a far more contested pass on the next series. A very nice play, mind you. And that clown's response is, "It should have been intercepted." What can you do but laugh?
  14. This is absolutely f*cking ridiculous. FINISH, Falcons. FINISH. How hard is it?!?!?!?!?
  15. That doesn't look terribly serious. (I hope.) I mean, he looked quite calm calling over the trainers.