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  1. Loved that game. Got teary-eyed at the end of that game. Was so certain that was our year.
  2. Totally agree. The Rams folks in my section were ...... I guess the best word is incredulous. This guy right in front of me from Quarter 2 on just kept repeating "We can't DO anything."
  3. Wow, we better establish ourselves in those early home games. After October 22, we don't spend two consecutive weeks in Atlanta the rest of the season. We'll get 3 consecutive at home for the play-offs of course but man ...
  4. For me at least, there couldn't have been a disappointingly close win. If we'd managed to do any one of the dozen things that still could have won us that game, I'd still have been as happy as a pig in sh*t by the end.
  5. Sigh. That game. That golden opportunity. I still can't bear to watch a single moment of it. I can REMEMBER Brady on the turf watching Alford's back recede into the distance with what I was sure was the clinching play. Or Julio's beautiful other-worldly catch that I thought had saved us and won us our first Lombardi. But I can't watch them. It's still cringe worthy to think about 'em. UGH.
  6. She was due this month, so two months early. So thrilled everything worked out for them!!!!
  7. I hate the f*ing Patriots with every little fiber of my football being.
  8. There's really no need for advice on this. It was a once-in-a-lifetime collapse. It's never happened before and I doubt it will ever happen again. There's a reason we had a 99% chance of a Lombardi in hand. Every single thing (EVERY SINGLE THING) had to go wrong for a quarter and a half. The Freeman missed block. The inane decision not to run it. The impossible Pats catch that coulda, shoulda been Alford's second INT. Two two-point conversions. H*ll, we were a shoestring tackle from taking an onside kick to the house even BEFORE all the above. Change any single one of these things (and many more, those are just the most egregious) and we win. As long as I live and watch sports, I'll never get over that game. It was ours. It was over. Until it just ... wasn't. A full year later and I still can't really believe we blew the surest chance we'll ever have.
  9. Though I'm sure no one else would say it (because it didn't "mean" much of anything as a game), the 2015 Redskins game will always be a special one for me. As an out-of-town fan, I only made it to the Georgia Dome 3 times total, and that was the only win I saw. And WHAT A WIN. An overtime pick-6 (that covers over 50 yards) is about as exciting as it gets. For actual implications, the NFCCG against the Packers can't currently be beat. Watching the confetti rain down to close the Dome, knowing we had earned our ticket to the big one by flat-out demolishing Rodgers ... that was sweet.
  10. What if it had been Saints/Pats? I'm literally ill considering that ...
  11. I also really believe we would have beaten Baltimore that year (and in the Saints house too). And obviously last year we should have had it. #(&&%&#(&(Q*@Q&*($&@(&@($(@((@
  12. I don't think I can stomach another offseason living in Boston with these a$$hole arrogant fans coming off another trophy. And I have a cousin and a dear friend who are Eagles fans. So ... go Philly, I guess. Ugh.
  13. Ha, fair enough. Although the Minnesota/Saints game last week gave me SOME hope they don't utterly despise us.
  14. It's the only thing that could karmically make up for what we all went through as fans in 51. So ... as improbable as it is, I'm all in on that one. The football gods owe us.
  15. Dude, what the h*ll is your issue with me lately?