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  1. For Lefty's sake, I really, really hope so. The moment he misses a single field goal, people will be calling for his head and for Bryant. My actual answer? He kicked two 50+ yarders, one of them incredibly high pressure, in his first outing with us. I think he'll be very good in the regular season as long as he doesn't psych himself out about this being his "big break." In the play-offs, well ... that's when we might miss our veteran. (Hope I'm wrong there.)
  2. "Just like the playoffs a few years ago, Matty wins." **** straight. Man I loved that NFC Championship. The Pack had absolutely no answer, and it was glorious.
  3. Not sure I want to make fun of another team where any configuration of the number 28 is concerned.
  4. Dude, of course I do. That's why I added the "lol" after it. That last bit was tongue in cheek. Sorry, it's hard to get sarcasm/humor across on a message board.
  5. Yes, I am. I want the veteran with experience in that biggest of moments for a kicker. Besides, he blew out his hamstring MAKING the 50-yarder, not missing it, lol.
  6. I don't like this move. I know this is a business. I know that. But this guy earned the right to retire a Falcon on his own terms. Just my (emotional) take. I'm still furious he couldn't have retired on the unbelievably high note of kicking the game-clinching SB 51 field goal. F*** you, Shanahan. Also, I like Lefty. And he was good in a truly clutch moment in the Giants game. But a play-off game, 50-yarder, game on the line? I still want Bryant.
  7. I will be apoplectic if we go CB in the first. We need help in the trenches. Big beefy help.
  8. Interesting! Not terribly surprised - he ran right by my section on that return, and he was FLYING.
  9. Yup. To lose what would have been your FIRST Lombardi in that way - when it was literally 99% guaranteed ... I mean. C'mon. Two years later, to the day in fact, and it still hurts to think about.
  10. Alford gave me two of my very favorite memories as a Falcons fan. I was 1-2 in the 3 games I was able to make at The Georgia Dome. The “1” was his overtime pick 6 against the Redskins. SO much fun. The other happened exactly two years ago today and had me running around my apartment in utter jubilation, certain we’d just built a lead that would hold until the Lombardi was in our hands. If only ..... Thanks for the memories, Alf.
  11. I am one who has no qualms with saying Brady is the greatest of all time ........ BUT. It really is killer to think of him having a ring for this kind of game where our guy doesn’t have one for one of the greatest postseason runs in history. Team sport. Is what it is.
  12. It wasn’t the Saints. When people talk about the Pats or Brady, we’re no longer the last team they beat in the big one to be referenced. I will take it. Gladly. On to 2019.
  13. The Saints aren’t here. There is a god. That is all.
  14. This was GREAT!!!! Thanks!