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  1. Truer words never spoken. I have never felt such euphoria as a sports fan as I did when we won that Packers game. "We.Are.Going.To.The.Super.Bowl" just kept cycling over and over in my head. And I actually did tear up watching the post-show. I can't imagine what it feels like to actually win it ALL. I got ever so small a taste of it in the actual Super Bowl, given how certain victory seemed for awhile there. But not the all-out jubilant feeling that I know would have happened when the clock hit 00:00:00. I believe it's coming soon. I really do. And I can't wait.
  2. I don't get this board sometimes. There is nothing to complain about in this ad. Made me hyped for the season. F*** yeah.
  3. I'm surprised that people are surprised ... Since when do we get ANY respect?? Matt could get 3 rings in the next 3 years, and it would still be attributed to luck and those around him. I've never seen a QB this talented so consistently underrated. I'm still SHOCKED he won the MVP. Even though it was obvious to anyone with a football IQ.
  4. That's really tough to hear. I never wish injury but ESPECIALLY nothing like this that won't just heal like a bone or tendon. Nick Fairley nearly plowing down Matt before Matt made a business decision remains one of my favorite football moments of all time. Prayers for him.
  5. Both are actually true. It did start in 2016 AND Quinn has said that he is using it as a mantra post Super Bowl 51.
  6. You know, the statistics say we aren't going back this year. They also said we had a 99% chance of winning that SB. F*** the statistics. This team doesn't do things the traditional way. 19-0.
  7. This was so me. My roommate kept saying to me, "You've got this." And I was like, "No, no, there's tons of time." She'd then go, "No, c'mon, you're going to win." And even though I wouldn't say it OUT LOUD (can't jinx it), in my head, I was going, "I KNOW WE ARE!!!!!! WE'RE GOING TO WIN!!!!!!" I was throwing a party in my head. I was mentally walking into my Pats office the next morning in my Ryan jersey. I was mentally booking my flight to the parade. When Alford got that pick-6 and then when Coleman put us up by 25 ... there was no doubt in my mind we had it. H*ll, even when Julio caught it on the 22, I was once again SURE after some moments of panic. I am still kind of baffled when I think about that game. It seemed absolutely impossible to lose it. And yet it happened. UGH.
  8. Yeah, it's melodramatic, but I can understand that description, and I say that as someone who is only 6 weeks out from a major loss. Now, it's sports ... so it's not the same magnitude as death, not anywhere close. In fact, as I said in another thread, though I still have no intention of ever re-watching the Super Bowl, 6 weeks ago the game stopped mattering like it had before. Perspective. BUT that sharp feeling of cherishing a memory and yet feeling pain in the memory too? Sure, that can happen in sports!!! True sports fans pack A LOT of emotion and passion into their team. It'd be weird if you felt nothing after losing the biggest game of all that way ...
  9. I will NEVER watch that game. As long as I live, even if we get a ring ... or five. Seeing that travesty once, live, was more than enough sports pain to last a lifetime. (Side Note: What pi$$es me off most about the comeback actually IS the fact that I can't ever enjoy the highlights of that game again. Because for 3 quarters, it was the BEST game. Sacks, pick-6, etc. We were destroying Brady. Destroying the team I despise living up here in Pats land. Heck, even if Shanny had made the right call, I would have loved re-watching ... remembering that I felt some panic for a second, but then Julio saved us with that beauty of a catch. I would have watched that game thousands of times.) When we finally WIN one of these things, I will probably watch that once a day the entire offseason.
  10. You watched the Super Bowl five times? That doesn't sound like rest, man.
  11. I miss ya, Gritz and Supes. Though, I totally hear you on the perspective thing. Almost exactly four weeks ago, I lost my grandma. But this wasn't the "see her once or twice a year" kind of grandma. She was my second mother; she raised me just as much as my parents and loved me in an unconditional and cheerleading way that only a grandma can. It's been a month, and I still can't fathom this life without her. And the perspective of that. Man. Not to say that I was still daily upset about the Super Bowl by May. Life had gone on, of course. But it still hurt like h*ll to think about that game, any time it entered my mind. And then, as soon as I lost Gram, it just ... didn't. Didn't hurt one iota. It was instantaneous, as quick as flipping a switch. I love football. I love the Falcons. I still want our first ring pretty **** bad and will cheer my heart out for it. But it doesn't matter the way it did before May 21.
  12. Super Bowl level football. You mean where all we needed was an OC with two brain cells to rub together and a little more conditioning / smart time management to rest our defense, en route to victory. SIGN. ME. UP.
  13. That is one of the most ridiculous summations of Ryan's career I've read.
  14. I can't believe we didn't win it all last year. I FULLY believe we're winning it all very soon. This team is awesome, crazy talented, and just plain fun.
  15. Man. What a Super Bowl he had. ::Sighs:: ::Tries to keep it in the rearview:: ::Looks to next season::