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  1. I just saw on FB where Ray Sawyer (Dr. Hook) passed on Dec 31. I hope someone at the Rolling Stone Magazine is aware and does the right thing!
  2. Yep...Cage is looking really good, It's going to be awesome when they all get together.
  3. So Ironman is a girl now..... http://time.com/4394478/iron-man-riri-williams-tony-stark/
  4. http://www.looper.com/17116/exclusive-spider-man-homecoming-set-photos/
  5. Moon Knight, Blade, and Ghost Rider Netflix Series In Development? http://screenrant.com/moon-knight-blade-ghost-rider-marvel-netflix/
  6. http://nerdist.com/jessica-jones-season-two-details-revealed-exclusive/
  7. Just speculation but I bet those dudes from Age of Ultron who were strip mining vibranium could show up in his movie. I look for it to resemble a Tarzan movie or a Avatar movie with some environmentalist overtones.
  8. As for CW and where it ranks for me in the MU... I put it up there at the top with the Winter Soldier, Avengers, and Guardians. I'll have to watch it again to know exactly where.
  9. You know it's not going to be an origin because we probably just got all of the origin we need for Black Panther.
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