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  1. The least desirable of the Ice family....Ice Tea is tasty. Ice Cube is fine. Vanilla Ice sounds amazing, but no one wants Fresh Kid in their Ice.
  2. Michael Jai White should have Spawned up and kicked his tail. White is loyal to DC. He plays Bronze Tiger on Arrow as well.
  3. Lewis Wilson died 17 years ago.
  4. A few others have from abusing chicken wings.
  5. Born in 1968, Moore was actually the first Bond that I remember seeing at the theater. I later went back and watched some Connery but Moore was Bond to me first.
  6. I didn't know any of that but I remember her second stint on Celebrity Fit Club...She fit the bill of an addict...she was there to get a little money and exit quickly.
  7. Yeah...I'm sure we all did. RIP Joanie.
  8. Should we all recall all the fond memories that we had of Aaron Hernandez?
  9. Over the past year I have been enlightened on how your lot affects the type of mower you need. It's not just about the size of the lot. My 3.3 acre lot has about 10 huge pines as well as some other varieties. With my larger Bad Boy mower I don't have to worry about pine cones or sticks. I still use the little Deere lawn tractor that I have on the front lawn when there are two of us mowing but it is not very handy under those trees. The stuff that I can hit with the Bad Boy that is effortlessly chewed up would destroy the deck on my Deere in no time.
  10. You probably don't carry them around with you on your bike though.
  11. I don't know man. IMHO they are all evil. I'm not just talking about politically skewed but that is certainly a big part of it. Fox has it's right wing agenda that it has to protect at any cost regardless of how it bends the truth and all of the others are skewed to the left...although MSNBC goes as far to the left as Fox is to the right or further. I am politically pretty conservative but I watch CNN often because it is the evil that I know. I don't like Fox because I hate that they practice the same tactics that I hated coming from the left leaning media. What they are all practicing now is horrible.
  12. Whoever was driving the white SUV/Crossover was having a bad day too.