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  1. Rip Mr. Tuddball!
  2. So sorry Brother.
  3. Thanks Brother...just working hard.
  4. I just saw on FB where Ray Sawyer (Dr. Hook) passed on Dec 31. I hope someone at the Rolling Stone Magazine is aware and does the right thing!
  5. Michael Jai White should have Spawned up and kicked his tail. White is loyal to DC. He plays Bronze Tiger on Arrow as well.
  6. You probably don't carry them around with you on your bike though.
  7. I don't know man. IMHO they are all evil. I'm not just talking about politically skewed but that is certainly a big part of it. Fox has it's right wing agenda that it has to protect at any cost regardless of how it bends the truth and all of the others are skewed to the left...although MSNBC goes as far to the left as Fox is to the right or further. I am politically pretty conservative but I watch CNN often because it is the evil that I know. I don't like Fox because I hate that they practice the same tactics that I hated coming from the left leaning media. What they are all practicing now is horrible.
  8. Whoever was driving the white SUV/Crossover was having a bad day too.
  9. She's 58. She actually looks pretty remarkable for her age.
  10. Smoking cigarettes I will give you. It is actually worse because of the chemicals used but surely you see why the other two are not a good argument. It is the act of inhaling smoke into your lungs that puts it unto a different plain than ingesting something that is not nutritious.