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  1. I just saw on FB where Ray Sawyer (Dr. Hook) passed on Dec 31. I hope someone at the Rolling Stone Magazine is aware and does the right thing!
  2. The least desirable of the Ice family....Ice Tea is tasty. Ice Cube is fine. Vanilla Ice sounds amazing, but no one wants Fresh Kid in their Ice.
  3. http://klfy.com/2017/07/02/pittsburg-police-chief-loses-lower-arm-in-fireworks-accident/
  4. A few others have from abusing chicken wings.
  5. Born in 1968, Moore was actually the first Bond that I remember seeing at the theater. I later went back and watched some Connery but Moore was Bond to me first.
  6. I didn't know any of that but I remember her second stint on Celebrity Fit Club...She fit the bill of an addict...she was there to get a little money and exit quickly.
  7. Yeah...I'm sure we all did. RIP Joanie.
  8. Should we all recall all the fond memories that we had of Aaron Hernandez?
  9. Perhaps the guilt of being found innocent of two murders that you know you committed.
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